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Chapter 2: Rediscovery

The next morning begins and it is darker as bright outside but Cloud must be going to the forge before the sunrise begins because it would be too late and on his first day he won’t be too late. Merlin woke him up, together they had breakfast and after this, Cloud goes to his work. He is a little bit nervous but still excited what awaits him there and what he learns today. But like the blacksmith said, he mustn’t do the heavy work on the first days.

As Cloud reaches the forge, he sees a flicker light from the candle in the house and fire from the oven, which is standing outside, he is burning already. Very timid Cloud steps into the roofed area and knocks on the door, which lead into the house. He opens it and looks carefully inside. The blacksmith from yesterday and two assistants are sitting on a table. They noticed the knocking on the door. Friendly they are welcome Cloud to come in: “Not so shy, my boy, come in.” As he steps inside into the warm house, says Cloud unsure: “Good morning.” The blacksmith waves to Cloud to come on the table: “Morning. Come here to us. We are still taking our breakfast.” Cloud had a completely another expectation of it. He thought, when he arrives the forge, everybody are still working and that they eating their breakfast later. But Cloud does that, what the Blacksmith said and sits down in this little round, in front of the boss. With his hands in his lap and his look down below, Cloud sits very shy on the table. The strong blacksmith is trying to take Clouds fear: “Yesterday you were happier as now. Say, how’s your name?” Cloud frighten a little bit as the blacksmith speaks to him, and he answers: “Well, yes. My name is Cloud”, then he looks to the blacksmith and asks: “And…how is your name?” With a big grin he says: “I’m Barret. I hope, you will like it here. The day before yesterday, our forth man leaved us because he found a better job as this here. So, you had very big luck, my boy.” Cloud has his fingers one into another and rubs nervously his thumbs against each other: “I see. Yes, then I had really luck. Thanks again, that you gave me this job.” “No Problem, little boy. Where is your food”, asks Barret him. Cloud had no idea, that he should bring some food to his job: “I didn’t know that you take your breakfast now. I ate at home already.” But Barret doesn’t speak about the breakfast: “And what is with lunch and dinner? What are you eating then?” Clouds eyes become big: “D…dinner? To the lunch I would buy something for me.” Barret lays his arms on the table, to get a comfortable position: “We are working so long until everything is done what we must do for the day. And that can be very long. For the first days we don’t let you working for so long because you are so young and inexperienced. But there comes the time, where you must working until the late evening.” Cloud nods: “OK.” He can’t say anything more, he has too much respect for Barret.

Then the breakfast is over and Barret claps in his hands: “Guys! Let’s work, she doesn’t make it from alone.” Said and done. The men are standing up and Cloud too. Barret takes him under his wings and in the first place, he shows him what they are making in the forge. From the melting of metal, to pour the melted metal into the shapes. Outside, beneath the roof, you must forge the metal. One of Clouds new assistants is still working on a horseshoe now of an ambos. It glows red-orange and the assistant hammerings on it. Very often he looks at the horseshoe so that he sees, if it gets his ideal form. When he thinks it’s perfect, he puts the horseshoe quickly in cold water. It steams very much and it becomes very hot under the roof.
Many things are forged like Horseshoes, weapons, hooks, armament, eyes etc.

Cloud asks: “What shall I do today?” Barret looks down to the boy: “You take care that the fire in the oven doesn’t get out. The place, where are you firing the oven, is inside the house. Then I will teach you, how you melt metals and which the best you can mix together. And when we still have time, I will show you, how you to pour the melted metal regular into the forms. That’s not so easy, you must get a feeling for this.” Cloud agreed with all of them and he wouldn’t contract him. Besides that he is so excited how everything’s works now. Barret shows him, how he let the fire still burn and then Cloud must do it by himself, it isn’t so hard. Just he mustn’t forget it. Then follow the theory and praxis. To learn, how to mix the best metals together. Barret tells him, which is optimal and shows it. Cloud asks him: “Do you have a pencil and paper? Then I can write it down and learn at home.” Barret didn’t know, that Cloud can write because he didn’t tell it as he was yesterday there to the interview, maybe this was his luck. Barret answers: “Forget that again. Here you are learning just by doing. Can you see the scratched lines into the melting pot? There are shorthand’s, there you can see, how many metal you must use and which ones. But you can just use it, when you know what you will forge. Don’t worry about it, if you doing it very often, you will get it very fast in your beautiful head. And if you make some mistakes, then I won’t rip him off from your neck. It is normal. Everyone must start and makes some mistakes. So, it’s no reason to worry.” It’s good that Barret said it to the beginning because Cloud gets scared for a short moment.

As Barret starts to explain different compositions and which one is using most by swords, horseshoes etc, is Cloud very overtaxed. It is very much of all. Some compositions Barret shows him also and he is still working up his plan for today too. “You see, it would be the best, when you try to remember how much metal you are using to give it into the melting pot, until the liquid condition reach the marks”, explained Barret and Cloud just nods because he looks like spellbound at the melting pot. The melting of the metal needs a little bit time and Barret says: “Ok my boy, now you have your first impression. How is it?” Cloud is honest: “It is really much to remember all these things. I’m a little bit confused in my head.” Barret knocks on his back: “Really? Then go out and take fresh air. You have a break. When metal is melted I show you, how it would be mixed and poured. But before you go, lay something in the fire of the oven.” Cloud nods again and brings the fire much more to burn. Barret gets an idea: “Hey boy! When you are going out, can you bring something for us too? Look around in the forest, please. There a berries. They just grown in this season and they are so damn delicious. Can you bring them to us?” “Yes, of course I can do that. I know the forest a little bit”, he said happy and then he go. One hour is enough to find the berries, to pick them up and come back.

In the forest Cloud decides to search on another place, where he wasn’t before. He must make the decision because the berries on the bushes are almost picked up already. On the new roads he is finding some berries but still, the bushes are already empty too. Through the searching he doesn’t notice, that he gets deeper and deeper into the forest. And then he makes a discovery, which he had never counts. In front of him is putting a beautiful sword into a stone. He is nearing it, just to take a better look. The sword looks almost new. Just a few scratches are to see, maybe it gets them from the battles but they don’t deform his beautifulness. “Who was bringing it to that place”, is Cloud mumbling and goes nearer to the sword. Then he decides to touches it. Suddenly it begins to shine. Quickly Cloud takes his hand back and is frightened about that what happened. And now he is worry about, that he did something bad. He won’t touch it again and decides, that he have enough berries and goes back to the forge.

In the forge Cloud is telling from his discovery: “Barret? In the forest I found a sword. It putts into a stone. Do you know something about it?” Barret takes some berries and put them into his mouths and explain Cloud: “I don’t know why it is there. I just know that no one can put it out. There is that legend.” “A legend”, repeat Cloud asked and Barret tells him more: “Yes, only the right owner of this sword can put it out from the stone and would become the king of Camelot.” Cloud has another question: “What do you mean with the right owner?” “Well, a descendant of king Uther. He was the last king and died in a battle. And that no one wrong gets the thrown, only his descendant can put it out of the stone, as proof from his decent.” “Aha…”, and Cloud furthers on, “I’ve touched it and it starts to glow. Did it glow too as some other ones touched it?” Barret is surprised because he never heard of it: “No, that’s new to me. Maybe it was just an illusion from you.” But Cloud is still sure that is wasn’t an illusion but says nothing more. “Come on boy, we must working”, Barret says.

The working day for Cloud is fating. He learned a lot and it was a really exciting day. As he comes home, he told Merlin everything what happened, including the story with the sword. Merlin must laugh: “A sword, you say? Mmh…maybe you will learn something more about it as you really want.” Merlin knows about it because he was the one, who put that sword into a stone and also he knows all his history. Cloud is just confused: “What do you mean, Merlin?” The old magician doesn’t tell him and speak more in mystery: “Be patient, my boy. It doesn’t need so much time anymore and then you will know it. I’ll promise you.”

Chapter 2 End
The Legend of King Cloud
Sorry for my bad english

Well, I guess this chapter is very boring. But it must lead somehow to the core XD

The story is based of the Legend of King Arthur but I used Final Fantasy VII character.
Chapter 1: First meet

Many years are past and Cloud reaches the youth of 15 years. To Merlin’s joy, he grows up an imposing and considerable young man.  

Merlin comes back at home. Today is a special day for Cloud and Merlin tells him his thoughts: “My boy, you are old enough to get some work. I taught you writing, reading and calculating. They are great conditions to live a good life. These skills can not everyone call to his own. Tomorrow you are going into the town and search for work. You can still live here with me.” Cloud doesn’t know if he should be happy or not. In one hand, he is glad that he can see something else, instead of the forest, and that he can speak with other humans, but in the other hand, his peaceful life ends now. Until now he had no carry responsibilities. But Cloud doesn’t contradict his adoptive father: “Good, I’ll give my best, promise.” Cloud knows that Merlin is not his right father. Merlin told him, that he found Cloud and that he is an orphan.

At the next day is the weather clear but still fresh. It begins to become autumn. Merlin accompanies Cloud until the town, just to show him the way. At the doors of the town, the old magician stops and says to the blond boy: “In the evening we met us here again. I’m waiting here. You go and search for work. I hope for a positive result. I wish you good luck.” Cloud looks up to him and nods: “Thanks Merlin. I will not disappoint you. We see us later.” He is running with vigour in the big town called Camelot.

The town is very, very big. Cloud never saw so many humans before like here in Camelot. Many houses are here too, which are made of stones and they are very high. Carriages are driving through the streets, which are made from paving stones, and many stores are in a row. The town is colourful and that makes a friendly impression. But Cloud is more fascinated from the big castle, which is standing at the end of the town. He doesn’t know that it’s empty and that there is no king who rules over the city. But for now, he must search for work.
With no any idea what happens to him, he is going into a store, a bakery. He is introducing there: “I wish you a good morning. A have a request: I’m searching for work. Have you a job to give away? I can read, write and calculate.” What Cloud doesn’t know is, that his skills are making some problems for him. The peoples don’t want someone like him because they have the feeling that they are inferior to him. They can just the necessary things. The boss of the bakery waved up his hand: “No, little boy. You don’t have any experience in this job. We don’t need someone like you.” That’s more an excuses because it would look stupid when the boss would say the truth that he can’t so much writing, reading and calculating. But Cloud is not disappointed, he knows that almost nothing works at the first time. And still that he gets a refuse, he thanks to him: “Thank you for the information.” Then he leaves the bakery and goes into other stores like butcher, jewellery, tailoring, and joiner. But he is searching for work which you must make outdoors too, like fisher or as clerk for a stand. But nothing, no one will give a young boy, with no experience, a job. And now he is disappointed about it, he thought it is easier to find a job.

Then he looks up to the house in front of him, it is an old forge. He takes all his brave together and going in. Cloud doesn’t want to disappoint Merlin. They forging under the roof which is outdoors and inside they prepare everything what they need outside. Cloud asking the muscularly blacksmith: “Good evening. I have a question: Have you a job for me?” For the moment, the blacksmith lay down his work and with a cloth he wipes his sweat out of his face. It is very warm here. With a rough voice he says: “Mmh…in deed, we can need someone. For a few days someone cancel his job.” Suddenly Clouds eyes are becoming big and they look very happy: “Really?” The blacksmith nods: “Yes. You can start tomorrow if you want. But don’t expect that you must start with swords or horseshoes.” Cloud doesn’t care about: “No, sure not. So, tomorrow in the morning?” “Yes, in the morning and I don’t accept a coming to late. Short after the sunrise, you should be here”, the blacksmith explains and Cloud absolutely agrees: “Thank you so much! We see us tomorrow!” Happy he leaves the forge and the blacksmith must smile a little bit because it seems, that the boy is still free and unembarrassed.

Cloud is running to the doors of the town and Merlin awaits him already. He asks him: “Where are you for such a long time?” Cloud told him everything what happens and that he get in the last moment a job. But Merlin is not happy with Clouds work: “In a forge? Did I teach you reading, writing and calculating just to become a forge? Why are you didn’t try to get a job as printer or in a judge? Cloud is disappointed about that, what Merlin said. He thought he makes something right: “But Merlin…I thought you are happy, like am I. I didn’t know what you wished for me…” Now Merlin felt, that he was overacting and pat Cloud’s head: “I’m sorry, my boy. The important thing is, that you found some work and that you find some friends. You will learn for your future life.” A smile rushed over Merlin’s lips and then they are going back to their cottage.

It’s almost time for dinner and Merlin asks Cloud for something: “Can you go out into the forest to pick up some berries and mushrooms? I need them for the next days before the winter is coming.” Cloud nods and catches an old basket and leaves the cottage.

He mustn’t go very far to pick up some berries and mushrooms. He knows the places where he can find enough of them. He starts to pick up some berries from the bushes and lays them in his basket. Suddenly he hears that someone hums a song. It sound very pleasant and now he wants to know, where it come from. He looks around because the sound isn’t far away from him and then he finds a person, who is kneeling on the ground and picks up some woods. The person is covered in a brown coat with a hood over the head, maybe to protect from the cold. Without hesitates he speaks to the person: “Hello! I don’t count to meet here someone.” The kneeling person maybe doesn’t count too, to meet someone, because she shrugging a little bit together and stops quickly her humming. She doesn’t answering him, so Cloud is going to the person. Cloud thinks that the person has a problem what probably is the reason why she not answering him. He just speaks furthermore to the person and goes around her, to see her face: “You are search for wood, like I see. I guess, you need them to make some fire. Are you here for a long time?” But the person is always turning away from him around and Cloud is confused: “What? Is everything alright with you?” The person nods and hopes, that he is leaving her alone now. But Cloud doesn’t think about it and kneeling down to her. And the person wants to stand up and run away but Cloud don’t let her go and holds her hand. Still they kneeling on the ground and Cloud lay his other hand on her hood. Suddenly she speaks: “Don’t…” Now Cloud knows that the person is female and he asks her: “Why? What’s the matter?” She just shakes her head. But Cloud tightens his grip on her hood and put it down from her head. What he sees, is a surprise for him. She is very beautiful. Her pure, green eyes are the first what catch his interest. Her long brown hair is very soft and her lips look so tender. “Why are so ashamed”, he asks her nice and familiar. M…my… face is dirty”, she gives him as an answer. Cloud put up his eyebrows and asks her unbelievable: “That’s all? Your face isn’t so dirty like you think.” But the girl has her reasons: “But…it’s not nice to show someone his face, when it’s dirty.” It is curious for him: “What? But that’s not bad at all. I don’t care about it.” Ashamed she looks in his clear blue eyes: “Not?” “No, how do you come to this conclusion? When you are working, than it’s normal that you become dirty”, he says. Then she starts to smile and Cloud is fascinated from it. But he gets a clear mind again and stands up. He reaches her a hand and she takes it and he carefully pulls her up. “Thanks”, she says friendly and Cloud asks her curious: “Are you often her in the forest?” She nods: “For a short time, yes. My stepmother and I are moved nearly. We are travelling since many years.” Clouds curious grow up: “Travel around? What for?” The questions become too much for that girl and she really wants to go now: “Well, that’s uhm…I’ll tell you that another time, I really must go now.” With embarrasses Cloud scratches his back from his head because he knows that he was going too far: “Sorry for that…well, just two questions: What is your name and where can I find you?” She gives him the answers: “My name is Aerith and I living for the moment in Camelot.” That makes Cloud happy: “I’m Cloud. Great, I found today a job in Camelot and tomorrow I start there. I’ll work in a forge. If you want, you can visit me there.” “Alright, I can do that”, she giggle and says then “I must go now, my stepmother still awaits me.” Cloud nods and reach his hand to her to farewell. She takes his hand and then they shake her hands to farewell. “We see us”, Cloud said and the girl nods. Then their ways apart for now.

Cloud still picks up fast some mushrooms and berries that his basket isn’t so empty and then he goes back to Merlin. There he told Merlin what happened. Merlin asks Cloud: “Well, well…a girl, you said? How is her name?” “Gorgeous…Aerith”, Cloud adores. For a short moment, Merlin thinks about it and then he knows it. He can see the future and knows now, what a role she is plays in the story. She would become the ignorant release in the tragic story.
The Legend of King Cloud
Sorry for my bad english

Cloud is a teenager now and must learn to grow up now.
And he meet Aerith.

Story based of the legend of King Arthur.


Everything is possible
GIFT - Pixel art Aeris/Aerith by EwelinaMalke A gift from my wonderful friend :iconewelinamalke:


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Dear friends and watchers.

I loose my Internet very soon. On the 6.2. (February) is it definitely gone. May be a few days earlier. I don't know.

My friends have my phonenumber and I'll will try to buy a Internetstick and visit the Internet over a friend for once in a week.

Bad english but I think, you can understand me^^"

I wish you all the best! <3

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