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I''l come back when it's all over - Aerith by FuriaeTheGoddess
I''l come back when it's all over - Aerith
I chose that picture because its seems, that's the point where the smile fades away and turn into serious. Where she left the group forever in the forest. I don't believe that Aerith was still smiling as she runs away. I guess she was sad because she knows what must happen to save the world.

Its just me in there
Prologue 4:

In a castle, which lies next to the kingdom of king Hojo, is a great banquet celebrating. King Uther Pantragon won a battle and because of this, he became a king. With joy he sits of his throne and welcomes all his guests. After then the guests are sitting on a great and dark brown table, where you can find a lot of stuff of drink and food.
Next to the sitting king, stands his assistant, magician Merlin. With a whispering is Uther thanking Merlin: “Without your help, I wouldn’t sitting here. If you wouldn’t give me the sword, I’m probably dead now.” Many humans are heard of the sword but no one knows where it came from, or from what the power comes which lays in the sword. Not even the king himself knows it, only Merlin knows. But it’s not important for king Uther. For him it just counts, that he won the battle and became a king.

Suddenly the king gets interest in a special person. Of a person, who enter the throne hall has company.  It is queen Igraine and her husband Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwell. The queen looks so beautiful. Long, gentle waved, blond hair is playing around her gentle body. Her face is so beautiful like a puppet. For king Uther it’s love of the first sight. Not many humans know if king Uther wants something, he will get it with all his power. He doesn’t care about it, even if someone must die. Slightly he leans over to his magician: “Merlin? Do you see that woman over there? This is queen Igraine. I want that she become my wife. And I don’t care how.” Merlin looks to that woman but he says nothing.

Merlin is an old and wise man, who rules over the magic and can see into the future. He knows already how the story ends and he is one of them, who lead to this future.

As all guests are there, they are beginning with the dinner. The king himself is going to the table to eat with his guests. And from time to time, he looks to the beautiful queen of Cornwell. King Uther has no wife on his side, and he wants to see Igraine on his side as wife.

After the dinner, they all begin to dance. The band on the edge of the throne hall is playing nice and elegant music. The couples are going together on the dance floor. Everyone can dance to such sort of music. The kings are holding the hands of their wife’s and starting to dance. One dance is nicer as another one.

As the tradition is over, the guests are standing and sitting where ever they want. Only the throne belongs to king Uther. He is going to the couple of Cornwell and starts with talking: “I wish you a wonderful evening. I hope you like this evening so far.” The Duke nods noble: “Yes, you made a wonderful evening. I feel me very well here. But please, apologise me for a moment.” “Of course”, Uther said decent and Gorlois leaves for a moment his wife and Uther. Then the king is asking Igraine uninhibited: “Igraine, I admire you. I want that you become my wife.” Of course the queen is everything but not happy about that, what the king was asking her: “Please? How dare you! I’m happy married with my husband! So please, leave me alone!” The queen is indignant and will show the king her back but he is holding her on her arm and says: “No, that’s out of a question. You become my wife and I don’t care how.” Igraine’s eyes becoming big because she can see how serious king Uther it means. But she ripped off from him and says with sharp words: “Leave me alone!” She is searching her husband but she can’t find him so fast. But after a short moment, Duke Gorlois comes back in the throne hall and his wife is telling him, what happened. Something inappropriate like this never happened before in the Dukes life and says to king Uther: “How can dare you, to want my wife to yours? She isn’t an object what you can pass around between the kingdoms.” King Uther doesn’t care about it: “What I want, I’ll get it. And I want this woman. My desire to her is out of control.” With a bad face, Gorlois turns around and says in outrage: “Come Igraine, my dear. It’s senseless to stay here any longer, by this Casanova. We are leaving this castle right now.” Together they are going with strong steps to the exit, but before they leave, the Duke turn around to king Uther and make an unfortunate announcement: “This means war!” After that, the couple leaves the celebration. “So be it…”, Uther mumbles and the other guests aren’t happy about what king Uther wants and how it ends.

It doesn’t need a long time and the war begins between the two kingdoms and the fighting is very heavy. The Duke of Cornwell brought his wife to the impregnable castle Tintagel, where he will see her in safety. From a reliable reference finds king Uther out, where the queen is and he asks his magician Merlin: “Let me look like Duke Gorlois. Then I can go without any circumstances to Tintagel.” But Merlin has just one demand: “Just less than one condition. You must give me your first born child.” King Uther is so obsessed from Igraine and agreed: “So is it, as long I get the queen.”

    Together with some knights king Uther is on the road to Tintagel. Many knights are falling before they reach the castle but the king reaches the castle with Merlin’s help. It needs many weeks if they reached the castle. On this place Merlin disguises king Uther into the Duke of Cornwell. The Duke self is out on the battlefield and is fighting. Without any problems, Uther is going into the castle and searches for Igraine. It’s late already and she is in her bedroom, where he finds her. Her supposed husband lies next to her and Igraine don’t notice the fake. She really thinks that her own husband lay next to her. She is so glad that he is there because she didn’t saw him for a long time and she wants to make him happy. And so they spend a night of love together.

On the next morning someone is knocking on the doors of the bedroom from the faked couple, and the queen let this someone in. It is a messenger, in the first place he salute and then he says what he wants: “Your majesty, I’m really sorry to send you this message. Your husband, Duke Gorlois, is fallen in the battle.” Confused she turns around to the bed and she sees Uther, who is still disguised as Gorlois. So she says to the messenger: “That’s impossible. He is laying there in the bed.” This confused the messenger too but he just can say, what he gets reported. Then king Uther stands up and shows himself. The queen is shocked: “No! That is impossible!” He says with a disgusting laugh: “Yes it is. You are mine and Duke Gorlois is dead now. That perfect for me.”

Later it came out, that the Duke is really fallen of the battlefield by Dimilioc.

King Uther takes queen Igraine to his wife, against her will, but when she doesn’t married him, he wants to punishment her very hard. Nine months later she has born a boy, which has a great destiny. And like Uther promised, he gives his son to his magician Merlin. Even it’s against Igarines will too, but the king always gives his word.

Merlin took the boy because he doesn’t wants, that he become like his father king Uther, who is so terrible. The magician wants to stop it, that the descendant becomes such a ruler like Uther. The son should become better one but Merlin is still on Uther’s side.

After a few times are floats, king Uther fights against the Sachsen and what he don’t know is, that they have poisoned one well. And king Uther drank out of it. Even Uther becomes weak, he still going into the battle, together with his sword Excalibur. But the sword can’t save the poisoned king and so he would be hurt from behind and later he dies because of that wound. Merlin takes the sword and goes to the nearest forest. In there he finds a big stone. He is big enough to put the sword in it. Merlin lays a magic on it: “Just the right owner can put you out of the stone. You should rest here so long ago.” With other words, no one can put this sword out of the stone, just the direct descendant from king Uther can do it.

Merlin is going back to an old cottage, which is hidden into the forest. There is playing the little child from Uther and Igraine, who is four years old now. The magician is happy about it, that the child growing up in safeness. Then Merlin goes to the child and says: “Like I see, you have a lot of fun now, Cloud (=Arthur).”
The Legend of King Cloud
Sorry for my bad english

So, thats the last prologue. Its about Cloud.
Well, because we don't know who was Cloud's father, I used King Uther like he is.
Prologue 3

In a kingdom, where the lake of Lady Viviane lays;

A boy of ten years strays around in a forest. He is trying to hunting, to learning by himself. No one wants to show it to him, not even the hunter himself. No one really likes him because he is a cheeky boy which no one wants to have around. Every time he says something against the other ones and he is listening very rarely to that, what you told him. And because of this reasons, no one will care for him, no one will have the responsibility for him, should something bad happens.

The boy is looking around in the thicket of the forest. The sunrays from the sun of the noon shine, which are shining through the branches, are not really helping him for his hunting. They disturb him because the light and shadow are changing so often. Then he closes his eyes and with much concentration he tries to sharp one of his sense: His ear. He tries to find out the different between the rushes of the winds, which flies through the trees and the rustle of the bushes on the ground. Slowly he pulls his sword, what is hanging on his brown belt around his small hip. But for many other ones, his sword is hanging on the wrong side: right. The boy is left-hander, what is rarely.

Suddenly he quickly using his sword towards and a short high death scream is to hear. The child killed an animal, a rabbit, quick and painless. Even it’s not a big deal, it is still a success and everyone begins with little successes, like he does. He puts up the dead rabbit and clicks his tongue: “Ts, someone should tell it again that I can’t do it.” Then he hears a voice calling through the forest: “Young master!? Where are you, young master?” Simply annoyed says the boy to himself: “Mh…she again. Not even here in the forest I get my quiet.” And he is quiet, he doesn’t call to the one back, who seeking him.

It’s his servant, who searching him and she has ever troubles with him. So often, that she doubted herself. But she can’t do anything against it, it’s her instruction to take care of him and she has not the right to say something against it. “Young master please answer me and don’t let me ever search you”, she called into the forest. But the boy is not so cold-hearted yet, he is slowly going to her direction until they meet each other. His assistant is light hearted: “Thanks goodness! There you are!” She hurries to him and kneels down. Gently she lays her hands on his shoulders, what he doesn’t like, and she speak calm out her request: “Young master, I shall get you because the lunch would serve soon. You should go quickly to the lunch.” The boy hates nothing more, as when he is with his family together. He hates them, especially his father, king Hojo. His mother, queen Lucrezia, he can accept because she is very friendly to him. With disparaging he gives her an answer: “If it’s must be...” With relief she lays her hand on her heart, not often it is so easily: “Good, then come with me.” As she will stand up, now she noticed the killed rabbit in his hands and asks him: “How are you did this?” Of course she knows that no one wants to teach him haunting. He just says: “Like the others too.” The servant feels that he is not so talkative again and leaves it: “Well, we give the rabbit the kitchen. They will make dinner out of it for you today.” The prince says nothing to it and together they leave the forest behind and go back to the castle.

The killed rabbit would give the kitchen from the castle, like the servant said.

The family is sitting mute on the table and eats their lunch. The king tries to start a talk: “My boy, like I heard, you killed a rabbit. Is that true?” Very short is his son’s answer: “Yes”, and eat his chicken wing. The king asking more: “And how do you do it? You let no one show you, how it works.” The son let fall his wing and says with a harsh tone to him: “What do you mean with, I let no one show me how it works? No one wants it to show it to me, how it works. Many times I asked the hunter if he can take me to the hunting but he ever refuses me. So, I learn it to myself.” His father stays calm and smiles but his undertone is really meaning: “Do you asked yourself, why it’s so, Sephiroth (=Mordred)?” With suspicion he asks: “What do you mean?” His father explains: “Your behavior wants no one seen on our yard. That’s why no one wants have something to do with you. Have you any idea, how hard it was to find a servant for you? They feared you but then I must force a servant with punishment, so that she takes care of you.” That was too much for the young Sephiroth and in rage he stands up from his chair and becomes loud: “And do you know why that it’s how it is? Why I in your eyes go to the dogs? Touch to your own nose! Haven’t you experiment so much on me, maybe then, I would be a perfect son, like you wished. I’m left-handed, have white hairs and have slit pupils. No one else have all this, only me! Thanks to you, that I’m so different! Thanks to you, the humans won’t to have anything to do with me!” It seems, that Sephiroth gets a point because the king lost his smile and his face become very mad: “Be quiet, you brat! You have not the right, to tell me something like this!” With a sharp look he answers his father: “Where is your defending? I’m right. Am I?” Now the father stands up and he gives his son an echoed hit. The queen is shocked and says desperate: “Oh no. Why are you did this? It wasn’t necessary...” “Be quit woman or you landing in the prison”, he forced his wife. Sephiroth isn’t shocked about what happened because it was not his first hit from his father. Very bad the king says to his son: “As long as you live in my kingdom, you have to do what I say. You deformed child, with your white hair.” Now it was too much for Sephiroth: “That is your condition? Fine, it shall be! I’ll leave and then I mustn’t see your face never again! That’s the best thing, what can happen to me!” But his mother doesn’t want to hear that: “No, don’t go, my boy. You both should be calm down again.” She stands up and takes her son his arms but he doesn’t want it and looses the hug very fast from her: “It is too late now. You’ve heard how he called me. That is enough for me, mother.” “But…” she starts but her husband falls between in her words: “Yes, go away from here but you will come back again. I’ll swear it to you. You are a ten years old boy, where will you are going? You can’t survive for a long time out there, you are pert and have a bad behavior, and no one will welcome you.” Without any fear for his father, Sephiroth stands in front of Hojo and looks deep in his eyes: “I’m not like you think. You don’t know me, not a little. I call it self-confident. And do you want to know, what I will do? I will rule someday a kingdom but not this one, I will rule about a better kingdom like this and then you will come to crawl to me. But then, I don’t care about you and let you hunting.” Full of disgusting about his son, his father says: “You are mentally disturbed child.” His son leaves the dinner room, ready to leave the kingdom. But in the door he says his final word to his father: “Maybe but with a crazy father.” Then he is leaving the room and then the castle. He takes some clothes to changing, something to eat and his sword. Just with his feet he leaves the castle, he doesn’t need a horse. With his ten years, Sephiroth acting like a grown up human.

He would travel many years around just to run in the arms of his destiny. To write history.
The Legend of King Cloud
Sorry for my bad english

Thats the third prologue and its about Sephiroth
Prologue 2:

One day, where the mist is hanging down, a young woman runs through a deep forest. She runs and runs, she flight from soldiers. In her arms she holds her Baby, a boy. Of course he is too young to notice the dangerous situation. The young mother is out of breathing, her chest is full of pain. But she will not capture again, not for every price of the world, too cruel was it in the dark prison. Only with one goal in her mind, not to going back into the prison, she can holding on her legs, which carry her under great pain. Her son originate from a rape, they are almost daily there in that prison.

Then, finally, she reached the edge of the forest. There lies very calm a secretly lake. Thick mist hangs around and you can’t see the shore of the lake. The trees on the edge of the wood are only grey shadows and they looks very distorted. Besides that it’s cold and wet. It’s a creepy atmosphere. But the women, with long black hair, don’t care about it. For exhaustion she falls on the edge of the lake, gentle she lays down her child next to herself. The child can’t stand from alone, so it must lie on the ground. It doesn’t cry, no, it is happy. The woman drink the water from the lake in hasty, to give her burning lungs and dry throat that what they desire: water. The break is short. For one moment she thought she is save here, on the edge of the forest, but she can hear the footsteps from the soldiers and her callings, which ends in an echo. With a desperate look she looks over her shoulder, it’s just a simply reflex if she can see the soldiers. But the woman doesn’t see them, yet. Then she looks to her son. Desperate and sad at the same time she says to him: “Please forgive me. I’m so sorry…I must leaving you here.” With confuse in her look, she is quickly looking around and send very fast a prayer: “Please, please. It doesn’t matter which power but please, protect my son.” It breaks her heart to leaving behind her defenseless son. It is the saddest thing what a loving mother must do. Then she stands up under great pain and runs away and the child is leaving alone now. For the mother is a child hindering and would ruins her strength a lot.

It seems that the child feels that it is alone and in danger. It doesn’t hear the good sounded voice of his mother and even her whole aura is suddenly gone, what the Baby notice. It starts to cry very bitterly, it wants back his mother. Through the voice from the baby, the soldiers are known now, where they must go and then they find the child. The soldiers don’t know what they should do with it. On of them says: “Let’s leave the child here. We don’t know what we should do with it and it’s just a burden for us.” But another soldier can’t agree with it: “Isn’t it to cruel? The best is we kill it. Then it mustn’t be suffering hungry and thirsty.” The group looks each other with an asking look because they have a different meaning. And through a fair vote they decided to kill the child. As the soldier, who said first to kill the child, takes his sword and holds it over the heart from the child, ready to kill it, the group hears from nowhere an elegant female voice, with an echo in it: “Leave the child alone.”

With hectic the watchers look around but can’t see anyone. Suddenly the lake begins to beat waves. The soldiers are very scared, not know what happens right now. The waves become bigger and the rushes become louder. A water pillar appears out of the lake. The men frighten but they don’t run away, they are too scared. The water pillar disappears and over the water suspended a beautiful woman.

She has nice, long black hair, hazelnut brown eyes and a skin like porcelain. Her floating fabric, who slides around her perfect body, is black and with a little white crust. It’s almost transparent but just almost and it covers just her necessary areas. With her calm voice she speaks: “I’ll take the child with me and take care about it. Go away.” With a shaking voice a soldier says: “…a…a witch! Run!” His members don’t let him tell it twice and they run for your life, back to where they come from.

The supposing witch calms the lake and suspends to the shore. She takes the child in her arms and smiles at him. With one finger she strokes over his rosy cheek and says to him: “I’ll baptize you Zack (= Lancelot).” It seems that the little boy likes his new name because his smile shines so much more as before. She suspended back to middle of the lake and she creates a new water pillar around her and disappears with the child back into the lake. What the humans not know is that very deep under the surface does a kingdom exist and she is the ruler.

A few days past and some words insist the ears from the witch. She goes back to her rooms and listen, what the man says on the shore. He asks for a sword. And the witch knows the voice from that man, it’s an old friend of her. She will fulfill his wish, a good friend she will always help. The witch is going to the forge of the kingdom and gives the order to the blacksmith. It’s not a problem for the forge of the unknown water kingdom. It shall become the strongest sword, what someone has creates. With a few manual skills he creates water whirls. These whirls are creating a new sword, together with his sheath. The blade is white silvery and have a special shine, only this sword have it. The handle is golden and wealthy decorated with precious stones like Rubins, Sapphires etc. The sheath is pearl white too, with a golden decoration and it just has a few precious stone on it. Completely it is a graceful sword and it has a special power. As the forge is finished, he says very easy: “I call it Excalibur. It is the best sword what I forged in my life and this name represents the sword correctly. It would help his future master to glory. No other sword of the world can beat it.” He gives it to the master of the lake, which thanks to him, and swims to the surface of the lake. However she doesn’t diving up. She just stretches out her right arm and the sword rise up from the cool water. But she still speaks some words: “Here my friend. I hope, I can help you with it. It is the strongest sword what I can give you, Excalibur.” “Thank you, good fairy Viviane. You do ever excellent work. We us next time.” He can’t see her because she simply darkened the surface. “For you I’ll do it ever again, Merlin.” They don’t speak any other words and the old magician Merlin disappears from the shore, to bring the sword to someone special.

A few years ago later, Zack is now six years old. Of course he can’t remember his real mother and he don’t even know that he has another mother. He plays and runs around in the kingdom like no ones else here. He grows up very good and that in a positive way. Everyone likes him. Even he is sometimes too cheeky but no one can bad at him for a long time because he is lovely and gallant boy.

As he is going to his adoptive mother, he asks her with exiting: “Can I start with the exercise today? Please! You promised me.” “Yes, what I promise, I’ll keep”, she says gentle to him and then she goes with her boy to the practice room, where an inhabitant is already waiting, to show Zack how to handle a sword. “This is your master for now and you have to hear of him. To use a sword is no more fun anymore”, she explain Zack. The child has another question: “Say, why I can’t go to the surface?” The fairy covert in secret: “It is too early for you at the moment. It needs some years if I can send you to the surface. Please have patience. For the moment your destiny is not waiting of you.” Zack is a little bit disappointed because he wants to see something else. Ever to see the water kingdom is too boring for him, he would like to see something different. But for now, Zack have here another mission, how he uses a sword. And this is now in his mind and he has one goal: He wants to become the best sword fighter of the world.
The Legend of King Cloud
Sorry for my bad english

That is the second prologue.  Its about Zack
Prologue 1

In beautiful kingdom, with a white castle in the center, where the peace rules and lying in a far country, is living a little girl, the princess, she is 5 years old. She has long brown hair and beautiful green eyes. They are very popular in the kingdom because they are very expressive.
And she has ever a magical smiling on her lips. It is very rarely that she is sad or that she cries.

It is a sunny day and pleasant warm outside. The birds are chirping and the important thing for the little girl is, that the flowers are blooming in her magnificence way. She loves flowers so much and she can employ with them the whole day. And she loves it too, to tie the flowers in all variations and to use them as decorations.
It seems, that she have a green dumb because the flowers are blooming and growing and they don’t withered so fast like usual. The gardener asked her ever the same question, how she made it but a five years old girl can’t say it. But she answers ever the childish sentence: “It just works.” And every time the gardener must resign but it’s alright for him, the flowers are growing too, when he cares for them but just not so fast.

In the well-groomed flower garden sits the girl, she wears her short pink dress, and picks up some little, white flowers and make a wreath about them. To make it nicer, she uses some yellow flowers and ties them into the wreath. Suddenly is calling her servant, her name is Elmyra, the little girl: “Little princess!” Elmyra knows that she can find the princess almost every time in the flower garden and with a searching look she calls on: “Little princess! Where are you?” The girl is deepens in her wreath but finally the little girl hears the calls from Elmyra and gives a short answer: “Here! I’m here!” She stands up and waves with a smile to Elmyra, like a little child still does. Elmyra becomes attentive and runs to the girl. Then she tells her request: “Little princess, I shall tell you, that you should going to the King and Queen. They are in the throne hall.” The little girl shines: “Yes! Thank you! I will go right now.” The little girl stands up, with her wreath in her hands, and runs to the castle. The young princess is laughing. Elmyra is smiling too now, the princess smile is infectious. The Servant looks with a happy face after the princess, as she is running to the castle.

The princess reaches the throne hall, where here parents await her already. Right now she runs to her mother and hug her hearty. Her mother goes down on her kneels to embrace her daughter in her arms. The young princess loves her mother very, very much but she still loves her father too. At the same time, the princess lays her own created flower wreath on the top of her mothers head and smiled sincere. “I did him for you, mommy”, said her daughter lovely. Her mother touches the wreath shortly and smiles: “Thank you so much. He becomes so beautiful. But you have some pedals in your hair.” She takes the pedals out of the brown hair from her daughter and let them simply fall on the ground. Now the queen says why she calls her daughter: “Your harp lessons are beginning very soon, Aerith (= Guinevere).” The princess likes the lessons but she wants more to play outside in the flower garden but she don’t contracting her mother: “Alright, mommy.” The harp lessons are in the private rooms from the princess and now she is going to be there.

The lesson is, like always, solid and no exiting things happen. Aerith is already very good to playing harp. Sometimes she plays the false string but she will get it someday. The teacher praises her for her talent. After circa two hours, the harp lesson is finished and it’s time for dinner.

Aerith, the king and the queen are sitting on an oak table, which has middle size, and enjoy their delicious meals. The kitchen gave her best again and she is the best in the whole country. The king says to her daughter: “How was your harp lesson, my child? Do you become better?” His wife must a little bit smile: “But Faramis, dear, you know that our daughter is very good to play harp.” “You are right but I don’t hear her playing for such long time. Later, she can play her on her harp, so that we can hear some wonderful pieces. What do you think about it, Aerith?” The girl is enthusiasm: “I would love it! The teacher said to me today, that I have the right feeling to play harp.” The family is full of harmonic and they are laughing a lot together. The royal couple is glad, to hear Aerith playing later.  

    Suddenly a sound of an explosion is to hear and a heavy vibration follows. The king stands up very fast and says to his wife: “Iphalna! Take Aerith and leave the castle!” His wife is confused: “What happens here?” The next explosion appears and you can hear the sound from falling rocks. Outside you can hear the humans scream of fear. Now frequently the strikes and the king looks fast out of the window and must find out with frighten: “Someone is attacking us!” The canon shoots crashing indefatigable into the town and castle and kindle. The flames become very high in a very short time. “Please, leave the castle”, he demanded his wife again. “But I can’t leaving you…”, she contracting. The king isn’t in the mood to begin a discussion. He takes the hand from his wife and he carries his daughter in his arms and leaves the room and runs down the stairs. His goal is the throne hall; there is the exit from the castle. His daughter looks desperate but she don’t asking any questions, but his wife: “Why they are attacking us? What we have done?” “I don’t know…”, said Faramis, still running downstairs with his two woman’s to the throne hall. The whole time you can feel the vibrations and the family must stop from time to time on the stairs, not to lose the balances.

As the family reaches the throne hall, they see that he is almost destroyed. The pillars, which should carry the room, are almost crashed or have a lot of damages. The fire is feeding up the traditional curtains, like the flags, who are hanging in the room and all what is making from wood. The heat in the room is almost unbearable and the poison smoke can’t go out, because the door is locked. Rocks are falling down, which can kill you when you are standing on the wrong place.

Suddenly a female voice appears and you can see a shadow in the smoke: “King Faramis? Queen Iphalna? Little princess?” The child calls back, because she knows who is calling about them: “Elmyra! We are here!” The royal couple is running to the servant. As they met each other, Elmyra says: “There is the exit! Hurry up!” But the king has something else in his mind: “Go. I must get something.” “No! Whatever it is, it’s not important”, his wife says desperate. The king gives his wife their daughter and holds his wife on her arms. He gives Iphalna and Aerith a kiss on their foreheads and says fast: “We see us outside. Goodbye.” Then he will running to the thrones but he never reaching them. A fallen rock kills him very fast. He had not even the time to say a sound. The three women’s must see this misfortune and Aerith and her mother are beginning to cry. Elmyra is holding a hand for her mouth, because she is shocked. Because the bloody and disfigure body is truly a cruel look.
But Elmyra is the first who gets a clear mind back and takes the hand from the queen: “Come, we must out of here!” “But…my husband…”, Iphalna can’t believe the sudden death from her husband. Elmyra pulled the queen simply to the exit but Iphalna ripped out from servant’s hand and put her child on the ground: “Wait. I must get something.” Next to the exit is a little cabinet, still feeding from the fire. She opens it quickly because it’s hot and gets a little box out of there.” With a creak, a wooden beam falls down of the queen and she is jammed. Elmyra and Aerith screaming at the same time: “Majesty!” “Mommy!” With pain in her voice says the queen: “Here, take it and run. Servant Elmyra…please, take care of my daughter.” Elmyra takes the box and shakes her head: “No, I can help you somehow.” She tries with her bare hands to lift up the beam somehow, to let the queen free but it doesn’t works, it is too heavy for Elmyra.  Probably not even a man could lift it up. Then you can hear suddenly a voice calling very loud from outside: “The tower is crashing soon! Run! Run away from the castle!” With shock the three woman’s noticed it but Elmyra don’t give up so fast and still tries to lift up the beam from the queen. For the last time, the queen speaks weak her last order: “Go now…that’s…an order.” An employee must follow the order, even in this situation. Elmyra let go the beam and nod with wet eyes: “Yes…my Majesty.” She takes the child, which calls ever and ever “Mommy”, and runs to the exit and far, far away from the castle.

The tower really crashed town very soon and buried hundred from humans, one of them was the queen. There wasn’t an escape, for no one who was nearly the tower.
It is dark already and on a cliff stands the little Aerith together with Elmyra. Elmyra kneel down to Aerith to take her in her arms. Aerith cries so bitterly on Elmyra’s chest. The grown up woman lays calmly a hand on Aerith head and looks down to the fallen kingdom. It still lies in flames but the screams become quite and they become less and lesser. Because the humans are dying, have no strength anymore or become imprisoned.

The box comes into Elmyra’s mind. She opens it, still holding Aerith in her arms, and she sees a little green ball. Elmyra knows what it is: “That is…the great treasure from the kingdom. Through him…you can recognize the members of the royal family from that kingdom. Everyone can have it but it shows just the true family members his glimmer light.” She takes the ball out of the box and shows it to Aerith: “Look into the ball closely. In there is the coat of arms from your kingdom. It belongs to you. Take it.” The little princess, who become in a few minutes an orphan, takes the ball with sobbing. And like Elmyra said, just by family members of the kingdom, the ball begins to glimmer. “Do never lose it. Later, she can help you someday”, Elmyra explains the child. The princess is overcharged with the situation and just nod with tears in her eyes. Elmyra put the ball back into the box and carry the child again.

Together they travel many years through many countries until they are reaching a country, where Aerith find her destiny.
The Legend of King Cloud
First: I'm sorry for my bad english

It becomes to a Cloud Aerith fanfiction.

These fanfiction is based on the Legend of King Arthur. I really love that legend. But there is so much about it. Many things a included later, like the holy grail story.
So I started to think, which character of Final Fantasy fits to the characters from the legend. I had a lot of choices. But I decided to use the easiest way. The same is for the story.

 I put the real characters from the legend in bracket.

So here I have the first Prologue


Everything is possible
GIFT - Pixel art Aeris/Aerith by EwelinaMalke A gift from my wonderful friend :iconewelinamalke:


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Dear friends and watchers.

I loose my Internet very soon. On the 6.2. (February) is it definitely gone. May be a few days earlier. I don't know.

My friends have my phonenumber and I'll will try to buy a Internetstick and visit the Internet over a friend for once in a week.

Bad english but I think, you can understand me^^"

I wish you all the best! <3

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