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Chapter 5: A new friend    

“I wish you a wonderful day, Majesty”, says Zack very friendly to Cloud first. Then he speaks to Merlin: “I’m very thankful for your invitation. I will give my best to make a great swordfighter out of the king.” Friendly Merlin nods to Zack and then Aerith says something: “I’m going home now. Cloud, I…uhm…will come back to you again very soon. I wish you the best.” She turns around and passing Zack. Both are looking superficial at each other and after Aerith left the room Zack asks the king: “Nice girl. Does she belong to you? It seems, you are trustful to each other.” Cloud shakes his head: “No, she doesn’t belong to me. We became friends, were I wasn’t a king, that’s why we are so trustful.” Zack crossing his arms for his chest: “Well, well. Anyways, I’m here to teaching you how to handle a sword. I visited a very good school about it. It needed a long time to arrive here because some peoples are standing in my way.” Merlin breaks up: “Young knight Zack, please don’t forget your story and tell us later. I think you need some rest and something to eat. Everything’s ready, only for you.” Zack gets a big grin: “That’s a great honor to me. But please, don’t make so much expenditure because of me.” “Don’t worry, it wasn’t an expenditure for us”, Merlin says.

On a table, into a room next to the throne hall, the three are eating their late lunch. The table is, even just because of one person, very festive. Together they are eating the delicious venison. Zack asks the king: “Why are you eating with us? Isn’t it usual, that the royal family is eating alone?” Cloud looks sad on his silver plate, where laying a piece meat on it: “Well…I haven’t a family anymore. They all died already. Merlin took me and raised me up.” Zack didn’t know that, he thought, it’s a whole royal family: “Oh, I’m sorry about it. I thought there are more members of your family.” Quickly he will change the issue: “Well then, when shall I start with your lessons?” Cloud is holding out of it because he has no any idea from it, that’s why Merlin answers him: “Tomorrow. Which time exactly, that is your decision. It’s just very important for me, that the king becomes very strong as fast as possible.” Zack eating his meat and says after then: “Alright, I’ll do. But it is still strange, that I must teach a king.” Cloud is embarrassed and light red overcome his face.

After the lunch, Zack would be lead into his place, where he shall stay. The night is getting over, without any happenings.
The next morning, after the breakfast, ordered Zack his first lesson. In the training room, that is build at the side from the castle, are meeting Cloud and Zack. Cloud has brought Excalibur and Zack is amazed from the sword, even Cloud doesn’t take it out of the scabbard: “Wow! That looks very noble.” Then Cloud pulls it out from the scabbard and holding it in front of himself and Zack is much more impressing: “It is so wonderful. The blade is unique and pliant”, then he asks, “Can I?” Cloud nods and gives it to Zack. And because Zack isn’t the right owner, the sword lost his shine and become heavy in Zack’s hand and he must put the peak on the floor. “How are you carried the sword”, Zack is surprised. But Cloud can explain it: “Like the others too.  But the reason is, I’m the only one who can carry and lead it because I’m the right owner of it.” Zack gives the sword back to Cloud and says: “I see. The rumor was true then. That no one could pull the sword out of the stone, right? This rumor went over the borders. Many people tries it to get power and wealth but they failed. Only you could do it.” Cloud nods and have another question: “Yes. But say, where do you come from?” The blue eyes, which are similar to Cloud ones, get tight and Zack says very serious: “I can’t tell you. Just this: Someone send me to a journey, with the reason, that the time is coming that I should stay at someone's side. No one could say it to me, who it was. But then I got a letter, which comes from Merlin. He heard of me and ordered me to come to Camelot. It seems that you are the one, who I shall help.” The person, who sends him, was his mother who raised him up, the lady of the lake, fairy Viviane but Zack does hide that fact. And Zack knows too, that Excalibur was created in the forge of the water kingdom. He self wasn’t there as it was created but Viviane told him about it, and it is forbidden to him to tell about the water kingdom. Cloud takes a seat on a wooden chair and wants Zack to sit next to him. The man with the black hair takes it and is thankful for that. The young king has another question: “Yesterday you said something, that you had many adventures. What exactly for adventures?” Cloud is a very curious human and loves it to hear some exciting adventures. Zack lays his arms into his own lap and tells about his last days: “Where shall I start? Maybe how I got my home. I crossed a castle, which was protected by a man who calls himself the cupper knight. I guess he got the name from his amour which shines like noble cupper. I just would go into the town but he doesn’t let me in. Instead he challenged me. I should fight against his knights and if I defeat them, then he would let me into the town. I don’t know why it was a condition. However, he let ten knights fight against me at the same time. I defeated all of them. After that, he must thought, he must double the knights and so I must fight against twenty knights. I can tell you, that was the hardest thing what I ever did before. But I defeated them too, somehow…and then the cupper knight wants to fight against me too. Believe me, he made my life to hell but I could defeat him also. After that battle I had troubles to stand on my own feet.” Zack hides here an important detail too: The lady of lake helped him from the background. She cured him ever and ever again. And she converted the cupper knight into a flea. But all this Zack can’t tell Cloud. Zack speaks further more: “Then it becomes strange. As I could go into the town, the people of the town lead me to the graveyard. For a short moment I felt me very unwell because I expected something else to thank.  However, there was a metal plate and just a determined knight could pull it up. Similar like to your story with the sword. And there it means, who can pull up the plate, his name would engraved in this plate for eternity. I tried to pull it up the plate and…did it. Then they wrote down my name on that plate and it was a really strange feeling, it’s like you are standing in front of your own grave. And so I found my home in this town. Just because I’ve defeated the cupper knight. And there I got Merlin’s letter. And on my way to Camelot, I fought many other battles too but they were a child’s play instead of the fight with the cupper knight and his knights. Well, if I see my home ever again is very questionable. We will see.” Now is Zack story over and Cloud is somehow fascinated, even Zack told it very coarse: “Then you are in deed a great swordfighter and you can teach me a lot.” Zack make his typical grin and says: “Yes, I am. I can teach you so many things. By the way, we shall begin now.” But Cloud has only one question of his heart: “Zack, how old are you? You look so very young.” The knight scratches his back head: “I’m 16 years old. I know, for this age a have many experiences. But I’ve learned to use a sword as I was a child. They told me, I’m very talented and become better as a knight who is grown up already. I can’t tell you why it is like that but I must say, I don’t care about it. Don’t let you scared from my young age, I can teach you a lot. I have much experience, like you know.” Cloud stands up and says: “Good, you will show and proof it to me in the next weeks, how many experiences you have. But I can’t really judge it because I don’t know much about it.”
And so they start their first lesson. Of course, in the first place Cloud must learn how he holds a sword correctly. And still these needs a little bit time if he gets it. The next thing what he must learn is, with slow exercising to swing the sword correct and he mustn’t left the right position of the sword. But Zack notice too, that his king has a fast understanding. “You know, if you learn so fast like now in the next weeks, you become very fast a great swordfighter”, Zack praises his boss and he can’t really believe it: “Are you sure?” Zack nods confident: “Yes, you are having a hidden talent. And I’ll bring it out of you.” Both smiles at each other and the lesson go further more.
It is to tell, that Zack hiding a lot more as he told like Merlin do it too. Merlin hired Zack from Angeal (=Galehaut). Angeal is an enemy from Cloud but he doesn’t know it yet. Zack has a deep and strong connecting to Angeal, it is almost friendship. Angeal lets go Zack to Cloud for a special reason. He wants to find out, how strong Cloud and his knight are become.
Chapter 5 end
The Legend of King Cloud
Sorry für mein schlechtes englisch

Zack sagt Wolke, welche Abenteuer er hatte

Die Geschichte basiert auf der Legende von König Arthur auf der Basis

Chapter 4: King

And so the day’s flows away and Cloud, Aerith and Merlin never told anyone else about the issue, that Cloud is the king of Camelot, yet. Cloud is working usual every day in the forge and tries that no one noticed that he have troubles, it works so far. He spends a lot of time together with Aerith and she has no problems to hide his secret, because she must hide her own identity too. However the day comes closer where Cloud must say, that he is the king before one of the three made a mistake and say it to some one else. Maybe he is then in danger and would be followed. He won’t, that the folk hates him because he let them down. And to avoid it and possible attacks to ward off, Cloud must get the throne, like Merlin said.

Now, the day has come, where Cloud is showing his true identity. Merlin ordered some messenger to the market, that they shall bring the message to the people, that they should come into the forest to the sword. The humans are wondering about it and some of them suspect it, that they maybe getting a new king soon. You can hear it on the mumblings to each other.

In the cottage from Merlin and Cloud;
Cloud is absolutely nervous, he walks up and down and the boards under his feet’s are creaking, when he steps on a certainly area. Aerith, who is come with her stepmother Elmyra, watches at him. Her green eyes following his body and her look is worried. She asks him worried: “Cloud? When you are a king, can we still see us?” Cloud stops his walking and says hasty: “Of course we can! I will not lose you. You are very important to me.” But Cloud isn’t really sure about it if it’s so easily and with an asking look he looks up to Merlin. The old man just looks serious at him and he doesn’t confirm him but he don’t say anything against him too. Cloud doesn’t know how he shall interpret his face and looks desperate. And to bring Cloud to other thoughts, Merlin says now: “Well my boy, it’s time. The people should be around the sword now. Let us go.” The heart from Cloud begins to beat faster. His nervousness gets up to the immeasurable but he can’t do anything against it, he must go through it. Merlin laying a hand on Cloud’s back and pushes him gentle to the door. “Merlin, I…can’t do that”, Cloud tries to come around on this situation but Merlin is unweaving: “Don’t worry, my boy, I’m with you. I’d promised you.” His protégé take a deep breath and then the group left the house. For the last time, Cloud looks back to his home, it gave him 15 years long a hiding place. It seems that he sees it for the last time today.

As they reach the place, where the sword is, they meet a big crowd there. Every single human is excited what will happen now. Merlin goes alone through the crowd. Cloud, Aerith and Elmyra are left behind on the end of the crowed. Cloud wishes he can just going back to the house and would do as nothing were happen. He felt bitter regrets, that he touched the sword and lift it up. But like Merlin said before, it was his destiny.
Merlin turns around to the inhabited of Camelot and announced his request: “Ladies and Gentleman! I let you gathered here because we found the right owner of this sword. In a few minutes, Camelot will welcome a new king.” The people are beginning a low whispering. Some of them think he is faker, other ones aren’t really sure about it and still other ones won’t believe it. The magician looks to Cloud and wants to come to him: “Come to me, my boy. Proof the people, that you are the new king.” The humans are turn around to Cloud and can’t believe it, that he should be the new king. For a simple reason: he is so young. In this crowd is Barret too and he says to Cloud: “Hey Cloud! I never thought that you ever become a king. When you pull out the sword, tell me which composition it has, yeah? Then I can do more of them.” When Barret says something like that, you shouldn’t take it serious and Cloud knows that but for the moment he had not the nerve to take care about it. The humans are making a way through the crowd and Cloud goes very hesitate. He doesn’t like it, when he is in the centre of all and everyone stares at him.

As he arriving Merlin he felt so uneasy. After all in a few minutes he has a big moment. “Pull out the sword, Cloud”, Merlin says to him with a quiet voice. Cloud look to the majestic sword and his heartbeat pounds higher and higher. He must gulp very strongly and then his right hand covers very timid the handle of the sword. Only three humans knowing what happen when he is doing it, but rest of the humans are not. They cover their faces with his hands, not to get blinded from the ray lights which are coming from the sword. A few seconds long, to Cloud like an eternity, he stays in his position. He knows, in this second when he pulls out the sword, his whole life are changing. Cloud is closing his eyes and takes a deep breath. This is the moment where he is thinking nothing and pulls the snow white sword very fast out of the stone. He hold it in his hands as have it the weight of a feather but his look says, that he have no idea what he should do now. With scare, he is looking into the crowd, not knowing what happens to him now. The humans are quit and surprised about what happened. For almost 15 years ago, no one could pull out the sword and now it happens in front of their eyes, as it was like a child’s play for Cloud. They comprehend it very slowly, that they having a new king now. A very young king. And not everyone likes it. Suddenly a man asks who is in his middle age: “How cans a rascal, like him, leading our land? He knows nothing from anything!” Cloud’s heart becomes heavy, he don’t know what he shall say. And Merlin is mute too. Not because he has no idea what he should be say but in his eyes, Cloud shall learn how to deal with critic and shall find the answers by himself. Unexpected a female voice is asking the man: “And what about you? Could you leading our country, when you would become a king so suddenly?” Now is everyone looking at the girl, how asking this question: Aerith. Of course the man couldn’t lead the country, like Cloud for the moment. The man knows that and his react is very cutting towards Aerith: “You little brat! How can you be so irreverent?” Aerith thought that something like that would happen and says to him: “Irreverent, mh? Who asked Cloud this disrespected question? You. That’s why you react so rough because you know, that I’m right.” That’s too much for him: “That’s enough!” The man is going to Aerith and lift up his hand against her. Cloud calls out loudly: “Aerith”, but he is too far to protecting her. But the man can’t hit her. The peoples around them are hindering him. They throw him on the ground. Through this little argument between Aerith and the stranger, the humans are seeing it clear now, that no one could be lead the country when they would be become a king so suddenly. And so, they accept Cloud and they call together: “Long live king Cloud!” They are doing it again and again. A big rock fell from Cloud’s heart and a shy smile rushing over his lips. With a nod he thanks to Aerith, and with a lovely smile she replies to him.

A few days go away and Cloud is living in the castle. Merlin helped him, to find a staff for him. Like Knights, soldiers, maids, adviser etc.
And there is a big different to his life before as a king: he can’t leave the castle without security. He is missing the forge, where he learnt a lot, and Aerith too. So he calls Merlin to him in the throne hall and complain about his suffer: “Merlin, I will go out into the town. Alone. I want to see Barret and Aerith again.” But the magician can’t let it happen but he has an alternative: “That’s not possible. But I can let them call, if you want.” Cloud sigh out: “That’s not the same…” Merlin understands him but he can’t change it, to save the king. Suddenly a knight come into the throne hall, makes a salute and has something so say: “Majesty. There is someone, who wants an audience with you.” Cloud asks him: “Who is it?” The knight says: “A young girl. She said her name: Aerith.” Cloud’s heart jumps up into the sky and he jumps from the throne and says enthusiastic: “Aerith is here? She shall come in now!” The knight makes a salute again and leaves the room. Merlin must control Cloud: “You must learn to control yourself. It’s not correct for a king, to jumping so fast from the throne like a child.” Cloud knows that he can’t say anything against it und sit down on his throne again and says with surrender: “Yes…”

They lead Aerith into the throne hall and Cloud is very happy. He forgets his manners, which they taught him in that few days, and runs fast down on the red carpet, which goes from the exit to the throne. He hugs her right now and she is surprised: “Cloud…I mean majesty. Why…?” Cloud doesn’t like these formalities and look at her: “Please, just call me Cloud, like always. So we met us and I will not hear something else. That brings a distance between us and I won’t this.” She nods timid and looks at him up to down and back. It is strange for her, to see him in such royal clothes, which are made from very expensive and noble fabric. He asks her: “Why are you come to me?” She giggles: “Well, I want to see you. I want to know what became out of you. But how it seems, you have a good life now.” He nods: “Yes, I can’t complain. It is just sad, that I can’t simply go out of the castle.” “That is really sad…I miss it somehow to go out with you and to talk with you”, she said. Cloud gets an idea and turns around to Merlin: “Merlin, what if, when Aerith and Elmyra would live in the castle too? You know how they are living. It’s a poor life.” Bothe, Aerith and Merlin look at him perplex. Merlin tries to take his composure: “That’s not as easy as you think. We can’t give peoples places here in the castle were they can live. Not even your servants have this privilege. There is only one way to moving into the castle.” Cloud asks curious: “Which one?” Merlin stroke over his beard and tells it: “When you take her to his wife.” Cloud and Aerith faces become a little bit red and Cloud stutters: “A…a…I must marry her?” He doesn’t mean the question bad, he is just wondered. But Merlin takes the wind out of the sails: “Right. But you both are too young. About a possible marriage, we talk about it in a few years again.” They aren’t too young for a marriage, it’s usual to marriage so young people in this age but Merlin won’t that Cloud losing his goals. He must become a strong knight and must learn a lot about the other kingdoms and countries. In Merlin’s eyes, a woman would just disturb Cloud. But Cloud isn’t averse from that idea: “Good, in a few years then, right?”, he turns back to Aerith and takes her right hand and says then to her, “In a few years, I will take you to my wife. I will promise you and then we are no more apart anymore.” Cloud don’t know so much about love but still, he feels that he likes her but he can’t arranging that feeling. Aerith understand it, that you should fell in love to each other before you go into a marriage but she still knows that many marriages exits without any love, just for the purpose. She doesn’t know, what she shall answer: “Cloud…well…I don’t know, if I…”, Merlin speak between her words: “It’s not so easy, Cloud. You can’t marry who you want. It must be princess. That is a rule. Normal humans aren’t searching in a royal family.” Of course Merlin knows about Aerith origin but he will test them, if they are strong enough to going through the hell just to be together. And he will lure Aerith, that she shows her origin.
Then comes a knight into the hall and says: “Majesty! Magician Merlin! The young knight arrived.” Cloud looks to Merlin because he doesn’t know who it should be. Merlin answers: “Great. Get him here.” The knight goes back and Merlin explains Cloud who the knight is: “I ordered a knight, who teaching you how to handle a sword.” Then a rattle sound from an amour is to hear, which become louder and louder until the knight and the guest are reaching the throne hall. The guest is a knight too. He has a noble shape and is covered completely in white. Both salute and Merlin welcome the guest: “Very welcome, white knight Zack.”
The Legend of King Cloud
Sorry for my bad english^^"

Now Cloud becomes a king and in the end, Zack appears^^

I used the Legend of King Arthur
Chapter 3: Determined future      

Almost the same things happen on the next morning, like the day before for Cloud. Many things are still new for him in the forge and he must learn a lot. It needs time that he can work alone. But today Barret allows that Cloud must make a little, normal dagger. Barret demands him: “Ok boy, pour the liquid metal into the form but be careful.” With a big kind of sort of a pot, which front is like a can, with that you can pour the liquid metal into the form. Cloud, who wears a heavy and brown leather apron, which should protect him, is using a lever to tip the extreme hot pot. The heaviest part to make a dagger is that he is so small and that you can’t pour so much metal so fast. Cloud begins to tip the pot, almost too timid. Barret says nothing and let Cloud just do. Just in this way, he can learn. As the hot glowing substance starts to leave the pot, it flows into the form from the dagger. But the pot is too heavy and Cloud gets some troubles to hold him, you can see the shaking from his arms. Suddenly a draught too much came out of the pot and the liquid metal flows over the form. Cloud let the lever off and the pot is getting back in his usual position. He is disappointed: “I’m sorry. But the pot became too heavy for me and through the thick gloves I don’t have the right feeling.” Barret pats through his hair: “Nah, it’s alright. You mustn’t apologise. It was your first time, it happens. With the time you will learn it and you become better and better.” Barret gets a bucket full of cold water and pour it over the dagger form and the water which flows around extinguish the rest of the liquid metal on the floor. After this Barret makes the dagger by himself because he must do it today and let his other members work on it then too. Until the break, Cloud learns which metals are good to be mixed together. Even Barret himself is repeating, only like that can Cloud learn.

Then it’s Cloud’s break. He gets an order again to get some food. But this time he should going to the market. Barret give him some coins, with them he shall pay the food.

Without hesitate, Cloud bought a few apples and pears. That should be enough for all. He has still some time and so he takes a seat on the edge of the fountain, which is standing in the centre of the marketplace. He watches the people but at the same time he is thinking about his job. It is not so bad there, everyone is nice to him and it is very interesting. That’s Cloud’s result. Suddenly someone speaks to him: “Hello.” The blond boy is ripped from his thoughts and looks around, just to see who spoke to him. And he gets a big smile on his face, because it’s Aerith. “Hello. What are you doing here”, he asks. She answers him: “I’ll make some purchases for my stepmother. And what is about you? Didn’t you said, you get a job in a forge?” The blond boy nods: “Yes. I have a break right now. But I must leave you right now.” “Do you like it there”, Aerith asks him very interests. Cloud: “Yes. I’m learning a lot there. And the people there are very nice too.” Then has Cloud a question, what nothing has to do with the issue: “By the way, do you want to meet me later again today? Yesterday I found something interesting.” “What is it”, the girl with the brown hair asks and Cloud says to her: “A beautiful white sword.” But that is nothing, what Aerith have very much interesting into it: “Cloud…well, that is nothing for me. I don’t know so much about weapons and…” she can’t speak out because Cloud fell between her words: “But this one has magic! I can proof it to you.” She looks at him in desperate: “Magic? Cloud, we are living in a normal world.” Actual magic isn’t so strange for Aerith, but she won’t show it to someone else. But Cloud isn’t convinced: “But I’ll tell you. I saw it with my own eyes.” Aerith must giggle and agrees: “Alright, just for you. Which time we meet?” Cloud looks around and says then: “When the sun is standing over the church. Then we meet us on the doors of the town.” Aerith nods and Cloud has almost forget, that his break is almost over: “Oh, I must go. We see us later, alright?” “Yes”, she says short but lovely. After this, Cloud returns to the forge to the right time.

His colleague are happy about the fruits, it is something different. Later, Barret lets try Cloud to make a dagger again and he failed again but he was a little bit better as by the first time.

His work is done for today and Cloud goes to the front doors of the town. There is Aerith and awaits him already. He is asking: “Hello! Are you waiting for a long time?” She shakes her head: “No, I arrives this place for a few minutes ago.” Cloud must smile: “Good, then let us go. You will be impressed.” Aerith has a bad feeling about it but just for Cloud, she goes with him into the forest. It seems he is being taken from the sword and he has no one else to show it.

As they arrives the sword, Cloud is fascinated again: “Look! Isn’t it amazing?” There must Aerith agree: “Yes, that’s true. It’s really beautiful. I don’t know something about swords but I’ve never saw a sword which is completely white. Only the decoration is gold and the precious stones are colourful. It looks so valuable. It is strange, that no one has stolen it before.” Barret did explain Cloud before about the sword, so he can say something about it: “Because no one can do that. The sword can just pull out by the right owner. For all the other ones it stuck.” “Is that so…” Aerith says questionable and looks to Cloud, who nods friendly to her. But something strange to Aerith: “But where did you know, that it has magic in it, if no one can pull it out?” Cloud will show it to her: “Wait, I’ll show it to you. Then you will understand.” He goes to the stone and stretched out his hand to touch the sword. And it happens again, the sword glows and glitters again. Cloud knew it, that’s why he isn’t surprised about the phenomenon anymore and let his hand longer on the sword as before. But Aerith is surprised and half shocked: “Oh! Cloud! What is this? What happens to the sword?” Cloud shrugging his shoulders: “I don’t know, but slowly it’s exciting for me. Do you want to try it too?” Aerith is very hesitating because this question but something in her tells her, that she shall do it and then she nods timid: “OK, I will try.” She nears the stone and stretches her fingers out to the sword, for a moment she jerks back and looks to Cloud. He motivated her with a nod and then she touch the sword. Nothing. Nothing happens. On both faces you can see, how they ask themselves how that can be. “Cloud…nothing happens when I touching it…” Aerith says confused. Cloud has no explaining for that too: “I see it…but why? Wait, let me try again.” And exactly this is Cloud doing now again and the sword glows again. Aerith gets a strange thought: “Cloud, are you tried to pull the sword out of the stone before?” He knows what she wants to trying to say: “No, I haven’t but I’m not the king. I’m just a normal boy, who comes from poor circumstances and has absolutely nothing to do with a royal family.” For Aerith it means nothing because she self is a princess and no one knows about it: “What makes you sure about it? Do you know your parents? If I’m right, then you have a step father. What do you really know about your…origin?” That brings Cloud to think about it but Aerith gets a clear answer from him: “To be honest…nothing. You are right.” He looks up to the sword and mumbles: “I would like to swing this sword but why should happen it to me?” Aerith puts a hand on his shoulder: “Just try it. There is only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.” With a sad look he looks at Aerith and says nothing anymore. The blond boy takes a deep breath and clasps his hand around the handle of the white sword. The bright light comes again and Cloud tries then to pull it out slowly. Suddenly you can hear a metalled and crunching sound and Cloud don’t feel any resistance. The sword is moving beneath his hand. Right now he let of off the sword and goes a few steps back: “No…impossible…” Aerith, who saw everything, tries that Cloud gets a clear mind again: “It is possible, Cloud. You are the right owner. It’s yours. You are the king. It is good, isn’t it?” Desperately he falls to the ground: “I can’t do this….I’m just a 15 years old boy. I…I…I can’t become a king so quickly. I have no idea how I shall rule a kingdom and still, I don’t know even how to fight. I don’t know about everything.” Aerith kneels down to him: “You are making to many thoughts. As king you have your assistance and knights, they will stand by your side. They would help you and you can learn from them. It isn’t so hard to be a king, believe me.” That let Cloud wondering: “And where do you know all about it?” Now Aerith had almost slipped: “Uhm…that’s what I’ve just heard about it. I’m just a normal girl too.” Cloud doesn’t really believe her, what she said but he let it be for now. Then he stands up again and Aerith with him. “Please, Aerith. Don’t tell anyone else about what happens today. I will not become a king…” he begs the girl with the long braid. And she can understand him: “No, I won’t. It is your free decision if or when you will become a king.” He smiles a little bit: “Thanks.” Aerith smiles lovely back to him and says: “I’m must going now, it is already dark. Maybe my stepmother has some worries already.”  “Alright. But I accompany you back. It is too dangerous in the forest when it’s dark”, he explains.

And so he leads her back to the doors of the town and they say farewell to each other. Cloud goes back to his cottage and Merlin asks him: “My boy, where are you so long?” Merlin is for Cloud his best friend and so he tells him, what happened into the forest. Merlin doesn’t believe it: “You moved the sword? You are the king of Camelot? It happens faster as I thought….” “What do you mean, Merlin”, asks Cloud him of his last sentence. Merlin takes a seat at the table and starts to talk about Clouds origin. Cloud is now old enough to know everything about his father and mother. As Merlin the story finished, Cloud has no expressions in his face. He never thought that something like this lies behind his past and he didn’t know too that Merlin is a magician. “Do you understand now? That’s why you must become a king. Camelot needs a king again. The kingdom must be lead, before it would be attacked and falls. It’s your destiny. You are the one. Cloud, show it to the folk, that you take the heir. I will help you with everything, I promise you.” But Cloud still doesn’t know what he shall do: “But Merlin, I have no idea about everything. Please, let me live like I do it right now.” Merlin shakes his head: “No, Cloud. Don’t deny your origin and make it much better as your father did. He had no scruple. Let your family shine into a better light as they are now.” Cloud must gulp because something unknown awaits him: “Do you really want to help me?” With a smile the old man does confirm: “Yes, to every price.” It is so heavy around Cloud’s heart but to clean the call of his bloodline, he accept Merlin’s wish, but: “Can we waiting a few days longer until we say that I’m the king?” Merlin stands up and pats Cloud’s hair: “Alright, these few days are doesn’t matter.”

Chapter 3 end
The Legend of King Cloud
Cloud finds out, who he really is^^

The legend is based of the Legend of King Arthur. But I used Final Fantasy Characters in there.


Everything is possible
GIFT - Pixel art Aeris/Aerith by EwelinaMalke A gift from my wonderful friend :iconewelinamalke:


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