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Chapter 7: Not like a king but like a teenager

After Cloud and Aerith declares their love to each other, they are very happy together. Of course it isn’t easy for them because they can’t see each other so often. But somehow, they know that it would change someday and they are trying to see each other so often it’s possible. They making experiences in their relationship which you are must do, to keep the relationship up. They become closer physically and learning there too. Sometimes they have little fights too but they clear them very fast.

On a summer day where Cloud is learning a lot in bureaucracy and in swordfight again; after the lessons with Zack, Cloud is sitting in a chair and says: “I’m not in the mood for all of this today anymore. It is warm and I sweat. It is hard to learn something under these temperatures. And it is so nice weather outside.” Zack takes a seat next to him: “You are right but you have your duties. For you it doesn’t matter how the weather is, you must work and you are not the only one. We can finish the lessons for today but then you must learn something else, I think. How I estimate Merlin…” Cloud doesn’t care about him: “Maybe but we aren’t machines, we need a break from time to time and so far I know, I’m the king here and can do what ever I want.” Zack gets a grin: “Well, you misunderstand something as to be a king. You can’t do what you want. You must take care, that everything’s alright in your kingdom and that no chaos rules here. You must be there for your folk and that needs a lot of wisdom.” But Cloud knows all these things: “I know that, Zack. What I mean is, I can take my breaks if I want. I won’t take free for days or weeks. Just for today. And it is still afternoon, the rest of the day we can create nice if you want, or not?” Zack shrugs his shoulders: “You are asking the wrong person. I’m just a…lets say employee here. I haven’t the right to say, what you can do and what not. You should better go to Merlin.” “Yes, that’s true”, confirms Cloud but he has to say further, “But I don’t care what Merlin says today. We are teenagers and we can’t learn every day. We need our free time and today I’ll take it. I know, I can’t leave the castle without guardians and I don’t want it. Today I just won’t learn anything anymore and I want have some fun with you, Zack. It isn’t too much what I want, right?” Zack still understands what he means: “Sure not, but like I said before, it doesn’t lays in my hand to decide. Of course we teenagers haven’t so much discipline but we are different as the other ones. We have a higher position. Talk with Merlin about that, I’m the wrong person.” Cloud nods: “Good but I like it, that you understand me.”

Cloud goes to his father and he is wondered that he his there so soon: “Boy, why are you here so soon? Your lessons with knight Zack should be longer, if I’m right.” “I know, but I’ve decided that we are finished for today with the sword fighting”, he explains Merlin. His stepfather rises up an eyebrow: “Why? It is very important that you can use a sword as fast as possible.” The young king says: “Maybe but it is just for today. But the exercising is so hard under these high temperatures. It is still afternoon…please let us go, Zack and I, going out into the garden. Just for today. We…or better I need a break. I’ve learnt so much the whole week. I’ll do everything what you’ve said and tried it.” Merlin has understanding: “Alright, I allowed it to you both. You made a great work along the week and so you deserve it.” You can see happiness in Cloud’s face: “Thank you very, very much, Merlin! I knew you have understanding.” Right away he runs to Zack and tells him that they get their break.

For the rest of the day, they take their well-deserving break. They are going into the garden of the castle and Cloud asks Zack: “Do you hunting?” The bigger one answers: “Not directly, not without a guard. As I was alone, I did it sometimes but it is not so easy. If you do that, you should really go in a group because the animals flee very quickly. And before you can sneaking on them or before you can shoot an arrow, the animals aren’t there anymore. Why are you asking? Do you want to go to a haunting?” Cloud is unsure: “I don’t know. I think, it is very exciting and funny to be in a group but I believe I can’t kill a living creature. Because they are want to live too.” Zack can understand his view: “That is in deed a bad look if you see a killed animal but when you must survive, you must do that. And how is it said? It lives still inside of you. It isn’t really dead. Many people out there are killing just for fun, they are taking a life without thinking. The living creature must die for nothing, only as a trophy and that can’t be. In this way you can rotten out a forest…” Cloud agrees: “That’s true. But I can’t do this. Even I must survive…” Zack patting through Cloud’s hair: “You don’t know that. You must be in this situation, to judge about it.” Cloud nods: “Yeah…that’s true too. And…”, his words would be break up by a female voice which is calling: “Cloud!” Both, Cloud and Zack, turns around and see that Aerith is running to them. A smile is to see in Cloud’s face and he opens his arms that he can catch and hug her. And that’s how it happens. Both are happy like two children, just with a growing up touch: a kiss. Zack turns away from them but it doesn’t need a long time. Then Aerith asks: “What are you doing here?” Cloud says: “We finished our lessons earlier as usual and just talking.” Aerith is glad: “That’s great, right? It is very hot today even it is afternoon already but it is still a pressure.” Zack gets an idea: “We can go to the fountain to fresh our faces.” The couple agrees and so the three are going to the fountain of the garden.
There they bow over the edge of the fountain and fresh their faces. The cold water is a great feeling and after then they sit on the edge. Cloud is sitting between Zack and Aerith. Then Zack gets a funny idea. He is leaning lightly back inconspicuous and let slip quietly his hand into the water. Suddenly Cloud feels something cold on his back and then he hears the sound of the water. He looks to Zack, than behind himself and says funny: “Hey! Don’t make me wet!” With a laugh Zack says: “Come on, it’s what you need.” Then Cloud starts to splash at Zack too and then it becomes a little bit too much. The water doesn’t land only on the two bodies anymore, the stone plates are becoming wet too and Aerith a little bit also. With her hands she protects her face but she is laughing together with the boys. Then you can hear the sound of a big splash. As Aerith takes her hands away from her face, she sees that her boyfriend is laying in the fountain. He is now completely wet and looks up to Zack: “That was not fair!” Zack doesn’t know of anything: “You lost your balance. I can’t anything for that.” With and faked grin Cloud says: “Yes because you splashed a lot of water into my face.” There have Zack a new lesson: “Now we know, about what we can work the next time: Your balance.” Zack stand up and reaches his king a hand to help him out of the fountain. Thankful Cloud takes Zack’s hand and he pulls him up. Cloud steps out and Aerith must so much laughing: “You must look at yourself, Cloud. You should be glad, that it is so hot for today.” Suddenly Cloud grabs her shoulders and just for a second he let her falling back. Aerith frightened because she thinks, she fall into the fountain now but Cloud still holding her, it was just a fake. She touches her heart: “You fright me almost to death.” Cloud laughs: “You see, never laugh about a king. No, it was just a joke, my dear. I would never push you into the fountain.” She gives him a kiss on his cheek: “I know…” Zack scratches his head: “Are you done with your flirty things.” Cloud stands up and knocks on Zack’s shoulder: “What’s wrong? Envious? Jealous?” Zack strokes Cloud’s hand away from his shoulder and says livingly: “You won’t believe me but it is nothing from both.” The three are starting to laugh.

After a few talks to each other on the edge of the fountain, makes Aerith a discovery: “Oh! Look! This bird over there! He is so iridescent.” A few meters away from the three a bird is picking on the floor and Zack sees a chance: “Shall I catch him?” Cloud makes a protest: “No, you won’t kill him!” Zack raise up an eyebrow: “Did someone speak about killing? I want to catch him alive and show him Aerith then.” Aerith means: “Its OK, you mustn’t do that, Zack. I can see him very perfectly.” The young knight swings his arm: “Nope. I know how girls are. Everything’s what is full of color, pretty and shiny, you want to see it from near.” Aerith want’s to stop him but Zack is going to the bird already. Slowly he walks to him. His strategy: Sneaking, suddenly jumping and then catch him. The first two points are working wonderful, just the last point doesn’t. The bird noticed him and flies away from him. But Zack isn’t Zack, when he gives up so fast. He following the bird half through the garden and Cloud and Aerith just can laugh about it because the noble knight lost his honor. The bird flies back to the point where everything’s starts. Along the fountain, back and forth. Suddenly Zack stumble on the edge from a plate from the ground and falls into the fountain. And not just he, he drags Aerith with him. Cloud is still sitting on the edge and looks behind himself into the fountain and has fun. Aerith is sitting in the water and Zack falls of his all fours but one of his arms is around Aerith’s waist Probably he wants so save her fall a little bit. Aerith must laugh about what happened, she finds it very amusing. Full of wonder Zack looks at Aerith and suddenly he feels something inside of him. Her laughing is infecting and she looks more beautiful when she is near to him, the water doing the rest to make her prettier. Her eyes are full of warmth. Zack must gulp but he just smiles at her, he won’t that someone notices his new feelings and let Aerith go. Cloud stands up and helps his girlfriend to step out of the fountain. After that he wants to help Zack too but he come out of it alone. Now Cloud says: “Look at you Aerith. Now you are very wet.” She looks down at her body and spreads out her dress a little bit to the sides: “Well, I want to know how it is.” Zack goes behind Cloud and says: “But you look so much prettier as the king.” Aerith becomes embarrassed and Cloud steps lightly on Zack’s foot. He complains: “Ouch…” Cloud jokes: “Oh, great white knight. Are you killed already when someone is stepping on your toe?” Zack makes a counter: “Will you take a bath in the fountain again?” The king gives up: “I’ll stop! I’ll stop! But you are right. Aerith indeed looks so much prettier as me, it doesn’t matter in which circumstances.” The black haired man knocking on his own chest: “Ha! You see? So, you future queen, remember that.” She becomes more embarrassed: “That’s enough you two. I’m not so great and now you are being quiet.” Cloud goes to her and lays an arm around her: “My dear, Zack is right. But it’s still sad, that he noticed it so late.” Cloud glance in a funny way to Zack and he makes a silly face: “Oh, forgive me. If I knew that I can make compliments to your wife, I’ll have started it for a long time ago.” Everyone is laughing from her hearts, even Aerith don’t like it if someone calls her as the queen but for today, it’s alright. It is a wonderful day and she won’t start a discussion.
The years are passing by and the three have so much fun together. They are enjoying it so often they can do. After the happening on the fountain, Zack fells in love for Aerith. No one knows, that this has heavy consequences for them.

Chapter 7 end
The Legend of King Cloud
Cloud, Aerith and Zack have a lot fun together

The story is based on the Legend of King Arthur but used with characters of Final Fantasy 7

Sorry for my bad english
Gentle music - Aerith by FuriaeTheGoddess
Gentle music - Aerith
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Aerith by FuriaeTheGoddess
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Chapter 6: Love

The weeks are passing by and Cloud becomes better and better. In everything, like in politic, in swordfight or in bureaucracy. He learns a lot and fast. Merlin is very proud of him and let Cloud this ever know. And he comes closer too Zack, they become friends. Even Aerith visits Cloud from time to time but they can’t see each other so much because Cloud is very busy. And when he knows, Aerith was there and he had no time for her, he becomes so sad. It hurts so much in his heart when he knows, the guard must send her away again. He wants to spend a lot of time together with her. Barret visits the king too but that’s rarely as the visits from Aerith because Barret must work the most time, from the early morning until the late evening.
Through the many learning Cloud gets strong headaches. He is sitting on his desk, in his working room. Merlin is trying to teach him some politic situations. As Merlin finishes his sentence Cloud says to him: “Merlin…I need a break. My head is aching. It is too much for me for now. I must clear my mind again.” Merlin understands him very well. He is still surprised that Cloud keeps up for such a long time, without any complain: “I see. Go out and take some fresh air. You deserve it, my boy.” “Thank you”, and Cloud stands up and leaves his room. With a hand on his forehead he goes through the long and big corridors of the castle. His goal is the garden of the castle. He is so beautiful and big and in this season now, everything’s blooming. On this nice place he can relax perfectly. But before Cloud goes to the garden, he goes back to the throne hall, just to say to the guard where he is. The guard must know it, if shall happens something necessary. Then they can find the king and can bring him the message.

“Guardians”, his voice calls in a question through the throne hall and two of these guardians standing on the entrance and salute to Cloud. Almost in synchrony they say: “Yes, Majesty!” Cloud tells them his request: “I’m going to the garden. Search me there, should happens something necessary.” “Understood, your highness”, one of the guard says. And Cloud still dislikes it that they call him always ‘Majesty’ or ‘your highness’. He thinks it doesn’t suits him. As Cloud wants to leave the hall, a knight rushes to the king: “Wait, your highness!” The king turns around and waits what the knight has to say: “Your highness, a young woman wants to visit you.” Cloud’s headaches are vanishing very fast and he begins to smile: “Is it Aerith?” The knight stands to attention and confirms it: “Yes.” “Let her in”, the king ordered to the knight and he turns around and is doing that, what he shall do.
One moment later he comes back again, followed by Aerith. Cloud is so happy about it that he forgets his royal position: “Aerith! I’m glad that you are here!” He runs to her and stops in front of her: “How are you? I didn’t saw you for such a long time.” She is smiling shy: “I’m fine. I found some time to visit you. And I found a job now.” Cloud is curious: “Really? About what is your job you've found?” “The best job I could ever get. I’m selling flowers on the marketplace now”, she raves about it and furthers on, “Every day I can make peoples happy, you know. Here aren’t so many beautiful flowers and the humans are very happy when they get some nice ones.” That’s the right moment for Cloud: “I’m glad to hear that you found a job where you have a lot of fun. I want to go into the garden now. Will you come with me? There you can find some flowers for your stand.” Aerith likes the idea and she folds her hands in straight to her chest because she is so happy: “Oh! That would be so nice of you! I would like to see the flowers in your garden. I’ve loved this too as I was a child.” Cloud is happy, when she is it too. Together they are going to garden.

It is a very nice day in the spring and Aerith is very exciting and walks up and down through the wide and narrow ways of the garden. In her lost kingdom were so many flowers too but there grew different flowers as here. “They are so enchanting, every single one”, she says exciting. Cloud walks slowly behind her and the gardener looks suspicion at them. He must take care of the garden and he doesn’t like it, if someone destroys something. Cloud says to her: “You can take some flowers with you, if you want.” The green eyes of her are sparkling: “Really? You are so kind. How can I thank you for this?” Cloud lightly shakes is head: “It is alright. As long as I can make you happy…”, then he is searching with his eyes the gardener. He founds him quickly and calls: “Gardener! Please, come to me!” The gardener comes to him and asks: “What can I do for you?” Cloud answers calm: “The young lady here needs some flowers for her stand on the marketplace. She likes them very much and wants to sell them. Can you cut some and bring them into a bucket?” The gardener has no problem with it: “Of course. The flowers are now in her full blooming. They are perfect to sell them now”, he turns to Aerith, “Young lady, have you a special wish what favor of flowers it shall be?” But Aerith can’t decide: “Well…they are all wonderful…Do you know what? You can cut the flowers, which ever you want. You know the garden as best as anyone else and you know, what flowers must be cut now.” The gardener like this idea too and go to his work.

Cloud and Aerith are sitting on a white bench and can look over the whole garden. A high tree spends them some shadow. They are sitting relaxed next to each other and Cloud asks her something, what she self spoke about before: “You said in the throne hall, that you loved it as a child to be in a garden. What do you mean with that? Where did you live before?” Aerith didn’t know, that she gave away a little bit from her past, she just said it as she was full of happiness: “I…uhm…Cloud, I don’t want to speak about it. It is a dark chapter of my past.“ Cloud respect her wish and changes the issue: “Say Aerith, do you like something else as flowers?” She must not long think about it: “To play harp. They taught I to me and I liked it very much. It is beautiful to get such wonderful tones out of such an instrument. You can calm your soul with it. But…I don’t play harp for such a long time anymore.” “Why not”, Cloud asks her normally. And again, it leads to her past: “This…belongs to my past too. But someday, I will tell you about it. I’ll promise you.” Cloud says nothing anymore and stands up from the bench. He goes to the little flower field which is in front of the bench. He kneels down and wants to pick up a flower but before he can do it, Aerith stands up and hinder him: “Wait! Don’t…”, she kneels down next to him and says furthermore, “You can’t pick up a flower like you want to do. That’s wrong.” Cloud, who coverts already his fingers around the flower, doesn’t knew, that there are different ways to pick up a flower. She covers her fingers around the flower too and touches Clouds fingers also. He gets goose bumps from her gentle touch and takes back his hand. Aerith picks up the flower correctly and wants to give the flower to Cloud: “Here. You want this one, right?” Cloud smiles a little bit embarrassed to her: “Yes but I want give it to you, as a gift. You can keep her.” The young woman is confused: “Me? But why?” Cloud takes all his brave together, in all the last weeks something becomes clear to him. Carefully he takes Aerith right hand into his one, looks deep into her eyes and says serious: “Aerith…I want, that you become my wife. I want to have you always around me because I feel me very well in your presents. I love you…” The light rose’ lips from Aerith are parting lightly. She doesn’t know, what she shall say now, so Cloud takes the word again: “I must learn a lot the last weeks but there was one thing what never get out of my head: You. In the evening, as I lay in my bed and would be come to rest, it doesn’t works because you swirl around in my head. Do you want to know, what my heart feels right now? I’ll show it you.” He lays the hand from Aerith on his chest, so that she can feel how fast his heart is pounding in her near. His hand is still holding her hand. Finally she breaks her silence: “We are too young…” That’s all what comes into her mind in the first place but Cloud can analyze her words: “So you aren’t averse? Do you mean, you would take me to your husband?” First her head moves timid up and down and after a few seconds it becomes to a fierce nodding and it bubbled out of her then: “Yes! Yes, Cloud! I will!” She falls around his neck and says: “I feel the same like you. Every day and every night my thoughts are just around you.” Cloud lays a hand on her head and strokes it gentle: “When we are old enough, we marry. In five or six years, I’ll promise you.” They part their embrace and look each other in the eyes, they getting closer and what follows is a kiss between them.

Merlin and Zack are watching them from a slit window from one of the towers. Zack sighs: “Well, well, love must be very nice…but the king has an excellent taste”, then he looks to Merlin and asks him, “What are you doing now? She is just a normal girl and doesn’t belong to any royal family. And so far I now, it is forbidden to marry someone normal.” Merlin, who does knows what happen, just says to him: “Let us wait, white knight. The time will tell us.” And Merlin still knows too, that Zack plays a tragic key role into the story of Camelot.

Chapter 6 end
The Legend of King Cloud
Well, the love starts to grow between Cloud and Aerith

That fanfiction is based of the Legend of King Arthur.

Sorry for my bad english.
It’s a cold winter night. Silently it’s snowing, only the wind is growling up icy.  

In a cold church in Midgar, in Sector 5.
In this cold church, but inside it shines very warmly, it’s a young warrior. He is someone, where other peoples think he is very cold and has not much interest in some other things or humans. It seems the whole world doesn’t care him. His name calls Cloud Strife. It is very rarely but for now, he is hanging in memories.

>> At the beginning of the same winter. Cloud reaches the big city for the first time. Other peoples would be impressed from that city but not he. He stays very calm. To take a mission is the reason why Cloud is coming here. He got the address, now he must only find the place. The people who reaches Midgar, starts on the ground of that city. Only if you are someone who is rich, can fly up with a helicopter to the better places. Below them are living the poor peoples. The rich ones are capturing their money, in the first place the president. The little folks are living in the slums. But it’s not as dirty as you think, no. Of course there are some corners where is some stuff lying around but that disturbing no one.

What is very impressing is the marketplace. He is very big and has a beautiful fountain in the centre. The theatre is a highlight there too. On the marketplace is always a lot trouble. But all of these things don’t care Cloud, who arrives the marketplace already. You can see, that every human here fight against the cold. They are rubbing their hands and warm them with their breath or rubbing their hands on their own arms. And even the cold Cloud doesn’t care about. He goes on, without any mimic in his face, through the town. Cloud looks so cold as the cold self.

Even Cloud is here for the first time, he knows exactly where he must going. As he goes into a little side street, he pushes together with some one else. He doesn’t care about it too, he is still standing but the other person fell down on the ground. Without to give any help to the person, he looks very cold down to her. It caught a young woman. She sits in the snow but doesn’t complain even Cloud doesn’t help her to stand up, she helps herself. And it comes completely different as Cloud expected, because the young woman takes it with humor: “Oh…Well, who cares? A little freshness can’t be wrong.” Without any response in his face, Cloud is still standing there and looks at her. And not only her face, he is looking at everything at her. He noticed very fast, that she wears brown gloves, thick winter shoes and ear protector but she only wears a pink dress, with a jacket over it but it has short arms. Actually she isn’t in that position to make some jokes. She should be freezing and wish to go in a warm room. But she doesn’t. And he noticed something else. Even it seems that she comes from poor conditions, she has pureness. Besides that, she is just beautiful.

But that the woman is the whole time talking to him, he doesn’t notice. Since as she asks him very emphatic again: “Hello?! Hello, young man! Are you hurt? Hello!? Are you mentally there?” Now some mimic comes into his face, then he is somehow wondering: “Mh? Yes…” The young woman asks again: “Are you hurt?” This question surprises him, because it wasn’t him who falls into the snow. That’s how he answers like this: “No. What about you?” She strokes the snow away from her clothes she says with a smile: “I’m fine too. Everything’s alright. It’s not the first time that something like this happens to me.” Then she bows down to pick up something. Something Cloud hasn’t noticed. It’s a flower basket. The young woman says: “Oh no…some flowers are falling down from the basket.” Now she kneels down and collects all these flowers which she lost after the impact. As that is done, she stands up again and she reaches her hand to him: “Before I forget: I’m Aerith. Nice to meet you.” That’s something, what Cloud doesn’t want, to make new acquaintance but in her near he feels different. Somehow he just feels very well in her near. He is simply impressed from her. That she stays so nice after all what happened and her green eyes are shining over everything. And her radiance seems so positive and unshakeable. So he gives her his hand and says his name: “Cloud.” For a short moment her hands are shaking and it seems that an electric light runs through Cloud. He never felt that before. She asks: “May I help you? I see here for the first time and maybe I can tell you where you must go.” He shakes his head: “No. I know it already.” She notices something: “You are not the greatest talker, mh? Only the necessary things. However. I must go now, if I’m not then my flowers are freezing and no one wants any. I hope we see us again. Well then, goodbye!” Cloud is wondering, that she doesn’t try to sells a flower to him, because it seems that she needs the money very urgent. As Aerith crosses him, he says to her: “Wait.” Confused she stands still and looks at him very confused too because she doesn’t know what he wants from her now. Slowly he goes straightly to her. Aerith has no fear from him. She knows the humans very well. And he has a very good heart. With big eyes she looks up to him as he stands in front of her. He takes her free hand and holds her semi up, between the two. Then he lays his hand into hers. It’s needs just a few seconds and then he takes back his hand. He turns around to go his own way but says to her: You need it more than I do. Keep it.” Aerith looks banned on his back. As his fingers touches her palm, they were very gently and careful. After his words she wakes up again and looks into her palm. In there lies some money. In her head she counts the money, just what she can see and then she notice that it is too much. As she looks up again, she wants to say: “I can’t take…” It isn’t necessary to end the sentence, he is gone already. With many thankful in her heart, she lays her hand exactly on that spot. Until now she can feel the tickling in her hands, where he touches her.

Drown in his thoughts, Cloud goes to that place where he must go. It wasn’t so far away anymore. The place, the house, calls the 7th heaven. He steps in. Cloud sees there a woman and a little girl. The woman knows him: “Cloud!” But it looks, that he doesn’t know her: “And…who are you?” That hurts her: “It’s me, Tifa! We’ve played together as children!” He can’t remember that they played together but now he can remember her: “Right…But I thought you are...not alive anymore.” She can imagine that: “Yes, I know. I was very hurt and you didn’t know what happened after that. You disappeared.” Cloud isn’t in the mood to speak about old times: “Yes. Say, where is Barret? It’s about the mission.” Tifa is disappoint, that he shows no interest on her: “Mh. He is down in the basement. Use the pin ball automat. With that you reach the secret room.” Without another word he goes down.  And like Tifa said, Barret is there, Clouds principal.

Barret explains Cloud what he must do. As long Cloud cleared his missions, he would pay for it. And so it begins. Two weeks are passing and Cloud cleared a lot of missions. Most of them are deliveries to bring some important documents to someone else.

Now Cloud has some time, to take a closer look at Midgar. He reached sector 5. He knows it already but it’s not familiar. Always he sees that old church, when he was here. He so decides to go in. Then he surprises, who he sees again: Aerith. She takes care about the flowers, which are growing in the backside in the church. Aerith takes so much care about her flowers, that she doesn’t notice him. Usually he dislikes it to talk with other peoples, but he still goes to Aerith. He doesn’t scare her. He knows that he can be like he is in her near, which means to open his heart. After his steps becoming louder, as he comes closer to Aerith, she noticed him and turns around. An amazing smile crosses her lips: “Oh! Cloud! It’s so nice to see you again!” He reaches her and says then: “What are you doing here?” She answers: “To take care about the flowers. That’s the only place where they are growing. When they are ready, I pick them up and sell them…by the way, many thanks for the money! I’ll pay it back to you. I promise it to you!” He doesn’t want it: “It’s OK. I said you can keep it.” But she still wants to give him something back: “But…something. I want to thank you somehow.” In his eyes, it is thanks enough that she is happy about it: “You mustn’t. Just forget it.” So she feels almost bad about it: “Well…if you want it…but…”, then she gets an idea, “How about it when you come to my home. Then we eat something nice together. I invite you. Don’t worry, my mother is there too.” An invitation like this he does really dislikes: “I said it’s OK.” She looks at him very mischievous: “You…doesn’t feel well, am I right? Then I stop it. I’m sorry.” Cloud stops to talk about it too and starts about something else: “Why you still wearing that dress in that cold?” It’s simple explained: “I haven’t much. It’s the best clothe what I have and I want to make look so good I can, when I’m selling flowers.” And so they start to speak together.

Two more weeks are passing and Cloud and Aerith are met together almost every evening in the church. They went from there to different places. They went to a snack bar. It’s not the romantic place of the world but it’s very funny there. Or they went into the theatre. There is Aerith very impressed from the performances. Cloud instead is bored and has a lot of troubles not to fall asleep. Another time they just sit together on the playground and talk. And one time, Aerith sees a very cute little cat. She runs away and Aerith followed her. There she took Clouds hand and drew him behind her. Without to thinking something bad. But he was thinking something about it. Maybe too much? It doesn’t matter, he let it happen, should the people think what they want. It was still indifferent for him. Many things like this they did together. It wasn’t much but it was a beautiful time.

One day, they are sitting together in the church again. They are sitting in the first row of the church benches. And Aerith says something strange: “You? Cloud? One day…can you take me to church?” He doesn’t understands, no one would: “What? But we are in a church.” She shakes her head: “No. When it’s time, then you know what I mean. Yet, I can’t tell you. But would you do it?” Before he says something about it, he thinks about it. And then he comes to a result, which he says with a refusing: “No. If you mean a wedding, then no. I’ll never want to marry. Ether you, nor Tifa or someone else. I’ll never marry.” That he struggle against it so badly she didn’t expect: “Calm down again. It’s not what I mean. But it’s good to know how you think about it. Well…it’s not this. It’s completely something else. I’m sorry that I can’t tell it to you. There are some things which I can’t tell you. You wouldn’t understand it.” He still wants to know it: “Say it to me, then I can tell you, if I can take you to a church.” Then she refuses now: “No…I can’t. Then I haven’t luck. It’s not so bad anymore.” For a short moment they are sitting next to each other without saying anything. Then Cloud takes the word: “Even I don’t understand it, I’ll take you to a church, Aerith. I’ll do it.” That makes Aerith so happy, that she starts to cry: “Really? You really would do it? Can you imagine, how happy I am? You haven’t any idea what it means to me. Thank you so much!” Full of happiness she takes Cloud into her arms. He dislikes such near what you can see. He doesn’t feel very well but he let it happen. Somehow he starts to like it.

A few days later, Cloud and Aerith are become very good friends. Together they are going over the marketplace. Now it doesn’t snowing, so they must just going through the snow on the ground. Cloud says to her: “You know, tomorrow we buy some thicker clothes for you. I can’t see it anymore when you are out in that thin dress.” But she can’t: “I can’t. I haven’t the money to buy me new clothes.” Then he asks: “What are you did with that money I gave you?” “I bought some food. For me and my mother”, she explained. Then he says: “I’ll buy them for you then. Choose what you like and it’s yours.” She doesn’t want it: “Oh no, Cloud. You did so much to me. I never gave you something back for all what you’ve done to me. I want to do something for you too. Say, what you want and I’ll try to make it.” He still refuses: “You don’t need it. Aerith, I don’t want it that you do something for me. Everything’s alright how it is. I don’t make a list. If I want to buy something for you, then because I want it.” She knows it already. She noticed it that it’s hard to reaches him but if you get into his heart, then you have him as your friend. She really noticed it.

And then terrible things are happen. A shoot is falling which ends into an echo. The people, which are on the marketplace, start to screaming and falling into panic. They try to leave the place as fast as possible. Cloud draws his sword, he never goes out without it. What he notices is, that Aerith is still by his side: “Why are you so calm? Why you don’t run away?” Aerith stretches out one hand with a white glowing in that and something appears in front of her. It’s her staff. With that she can fight. With a strong voice she says: “Because I know it already.” Cloud looks at her very confused as he sees her weapon. She says furthermore: “I can fight too. I must defend me very often.” Cloud wants to know something: “Can you tell me now what’s going on here?” Still she can’t: “No. But some enemies are appearing soon.” Then he says: “Good. After we are done with them, I want to know everything.” With sadness she nods lightly: “Yes…you would.” That is something wrong with that sentence, Cloud notice it.

Suddenly you can hear a male voice: “Well, well. You got some strengthening, dear Aerith.” She denies it: “I haven’t! He has nothing to do with it! Leave him alone. Just you and me, like always. And like always there isn’t a winner or a loser.” Out of nothing, a man appears in front of the two. He has a devils grin in his face. His pupils are very strange, they are slit. His hair is very long and silver. Cloud asks very harsh: “Who are you?” Self-confident he says: “Didn’t tell it your little girlfriend? I’m Sephiroth. Now, there is one more on the playground, I get someone else too. I guess, a little Nibelwolf should be enough to play with you.” Aerith claims again: “Leave him alone! Just you and I are fighting!” But Sephiroth has his own rules: “Too late. The game starts already.” Then he disappears again with a bad laughter. Cloud stands for Aerith: “I defeat the wolf. It’s not a big deal to me. But say, from where comes that shoot? This Sephiroth hasn’t any pistols.” “He hasn’t”, she starts, “He has a long sword. Longer as himself. That shoot is a trick. He only wants that the peoples leaving the place and scaring me. It’s always like this. Then we are fighting and no one wins…” Again Cloud must ask: “Why is he chasing you?” Once again her sad smile appears: “After the battle…I’ll tell you everything.” That is answer enough to him for now, even that sentence still doesn’t sound good to him. Cloud runs to the wolf and starts to fight against the beast. Aerith has no enemy, her usual enemy is gone. During Clouds fighting, another shoot is to hear. Cloud stops to fight right now. But he can’t stop for a long time, the wolf attacks him again. But something is strange for him. Didn’t Aerith says, that the shoots is only there, that the people are leaving the place? But here is no one else anymore. Quickly he pushes the wolf away and looks to Aerith. And she is stagger. Cloud sees, that is something wrong with her. She holds her stomach. With a closer look he can see blood running through her fingers. He is screaming: “Aerith!!!” That makes him strong and he defeats that nagging wolf. With screaming the wolf disappears.

Fast he runs to Aerith, she is almost kneeling. Full of worry he keels down and lays one hand on her back: “Aerith, what happened? Are you very hurt?” A little bit shaking she sinks down completely on her knees: “Sephiroth…he...used his sword…and stabbed me…from behind…”Then she let fall her body. Very fast she becomes weaker. But she knows too that she can let fall herself down because Cloud would catch her. And so she lies in the snow, in Cloud arms. Angry he says: “This coward…” Aerith cries: “Cloud…Thanks for everything. Most for that, that you open yourself to me. That you spend your time together… with me. I really know to appreciate it…”He whispers: “Be quiet. That’s too much for you now. I’ll bring you to a doctor, then you become health again.” A gentle and pureness smile crosses her lips: “It’s over. I knew, that it happens. Sorry that I…drag you into that situation….I won’t that…I really won’t.” He doesn’t see it like that: “You don’t drag me into that situation because you didn’t tell me anything. And still I don’t know anything. But now I know, why you said to me, that you tell me everything after the battle….because there isn’t an after. You know that you today…” Now his eyes are becoming wet because he starts to understand what happen to her now. For now she can still talk: “I had…not much in my life…but it was still very beautiful. And you…gave me the best time of my life. I don’t say it without a meaning…I mean it really serious.” Cloud can’t say so much anymore: “Oh…Aerith.” She lays her shaking hand on his cheek and her voice shatters: “It’s beautiful…to be in…your arms…and say goodbye. And to see in your…blue eyes. That’s the best…what can…happen to me in…this situation….Cloud…?” He sniffles: “Yes? Aerith…please don’t go. If you go…then this world lose one of these rarely people, which makes this sad world a little bit brighter…Stay here. Without you…my life would be lonely again. You know…why you never must give me something back? Because your near…was a present to me. I don’t want anything else…I doesn’t need anything else. Aerith…in these few weeks we had together…you taught me so much and you really make it…that I changed me.” She still smiles: “So…I’ve did...nothing. You self open to me. But still, Cloud…such words to hear from you…at the end of my short life…it’s so beautiful. I’m so happy…that you liked my present…” This feeling of safety towards to a man doesn’t Aerith know before and now she must more crying but she still smiles bravely. He asks: “Why are you crying so much?” She feels pity now: “I …knew…I must die someday…but …but somehow…I regret it now that I must...even I had accepted my destiny already. But then…you…came…into my life. I wished…I could spend…so much more time…together with…you…but…” then he interrupts her, “Shhh…I know…what you mean.” Then he notices how her hand on his cheek twitched. This little movement breaks his heart because he knows soon it’s time and out of his wet eyes are running some tears. Aerith sees that: “Cloud…you are…crying…because of me?” He says nothing, he just nods lightly. Then it’s time for her: “Thank you…I wish I can tell you something else…but it becomes colder…good luck and please…don’t forget me…Cloud.” Her hand on Clouds cheek falls down like a stone and her eyes are closing forever. The beautifully green eyes of this world are closed from now on. In this moment his mind is empty, like his heart too. The only thing what he get is, that Aerith is death. For a few seconds she spoke and breathed. You can see, that this situation is too much for Cloud. His watery eyes are looking very fast from left to right but he always looks at Aerith. His face is in despairs but stays calm at the same time. He holds her body very close to his own and it seems, that he is whispering something to her…

Then he stands up with the dead body in his arms. The snow, which lies under Aeriths body, is covered in red. He lays the body on the edge of the fountain, who is bubbling very happy the whole time. Then he folds her hands on her stomach and then he lays his hand on her cheek: “Aerith…” With a very heavy heart he turns around to bring that battle to an end: “Sephiroth! Come out you coward! Let’s end this!” And he appears unexpected: “It is already over. The little one is dead, I’ve got my goal. You, Cloud, are not my goal and it’s not my intention to kill you. It’s out of your business and just go away again.” But Cloud finally wants to know something: “Why? Why she must die? Why must die such a wonderful person?” Sephiroth must laugh: “I don’t care about how wonderful she was. Even she would be someone who is always sad, she must die. Because she was the last one. The last one who could be really dangerous to me. Finally I can do whatever I want with this planet.” That last thing doesn’t care Cloud: “What was she? The last of what?” Slowly Sephiroth is going: “The last Cetra. Cloud, I’m not in the mood to explain it to you. Go into a library and read. I have no time, I must make some preparation. Goodbye, as long you can.” And so Cloud stays alone…only Aerith is still there…

Carefully he takes Aerith in his arms again. Now he understands. Sadly he leaves the marketplace and leaves a bloodstream behind in the snow.

That’s why Cloud is in a church. Aerith wants that he takes her to a church. Not in a wedding way, it’s the way in a coffin. Cloud sits alone in the church. Around the coffin are many white and yellow lilies. After Cloud was long enough in memories, he stands up and stands then in front of the coffin. One last time he speaks to her: “If a little bit more time has past…I had taken you in another way to a church…like…I thought in the first place…Aerith? Thank you for everything. Goodbye.” Cloud can’t defend against it to lose some tears. But it’s worth for him, to cry about her. With one last look at the coffin, he takes a deep breath. Then he takes himself together and turns around, forever. In silence he leaves the church. It’s already night and the cold is so sharp that his face hurts. But still, he looks straightly into the nothingness, you can’t see that he feels some pain, no, his eyes are full of self-confidence as before. Then he starts to walk: “I want to know why. And I will find out. And then you will pay for it, Sephiroth. You will die. Aerith? We meet us again. For the rest of my life I’ll fight for that. I’ll promise.” Then he disappears into the night.

Take me to church
That is a one shoot about Cloud and Aerith from Final Fantasy 7

The song 'take me to church' from hozier inspires me.…

Of course my fanfiction has nothing to do with lyrics. Just the title gave me the idea to write this.

I guess the story turns out in a completely other way as you think^^"

Sorry for my bad english


Everything is possible
GIFT - Pixel art Aeris/Aerith by EwelinaMalke A gift from my wonderful friend :iconewelinamalke:


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Dear friends and watchers.

I loose my Internet very soon. On the 6.2. (February) is it definitely gone. May be a few days earlier. I don't know.

My friends have my phonenumber and I'll will try to buy a Internetstick and visit the Internet over a friend for once in a week.

Bad english but I think, you can understand me^^"

I wish you all the best! <3

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